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And I’ll be off to see my family this weekend. This is where you insert the Monty Python response to “there was much rejoicing”….yay.

I love my family, I really do. But they drive me nuts. I’ve well documented this fact on this blog. My brothers are still not seeing eye-to-eye. And there could, if I’m lucky, be an airing of the grievances. Nick really wants to do it. I told him there was no good that could come of it. Plus, Brad has an inability to listen. Good times. 

But hey, we will be in the Jesus room, so sex will be well supervised by a greater power. Or at least blessed by one.

One of the advantages of being sick was that I caught up on some things I had been meaning to watch. The upside of being a computer geek is making sure your wireless signal is strong in the bedroom so that you can watch Netflix and Hulu on the laptop from the comfort of bed.

I watched all three seasons of The Guild.  Go watch them even if you are not a gamer. Anyone who has an online persona (ie: a blogger) can appreciate the show. It is this show that will likely cause me to have a talk with a friend of ours about our swinging. She is actually friends with me on Twitter – so she’s had access. But while watching it Wednesday, she and I were texting back and forth about who we would do on the show. She picked the guy, and I agreed and tossed in two of the female characters. Of all of our friends, she could handle the info the best (besides Derek). We know it is just a matter of time. The current wagers is that I will out us after she and I have been drinking.  I think that’s a good wager.

I do wish I had had one more day of being sick. I had an offer by SG to bring me soup and to act as nurse. Damn that could have been fun. I think he felt bad because he had a bit of a cold when we played last week, and I jokingly told him that he was to blame. It was actually he and Garbanzo that probably did me in. Too bad I had to go back to work. The downside of being under contract – no paid sick time, and you can’t piss them off or they could take the contract away. Oh, well. Maybe another day.

My children are big liars this week. To give you a great example of their lying, I will use Indigo who when asked if she had eaten breakfast responded she had eaten a banana. That would be a great answer normally …. if we had bananas in the house. Even with a chance to change her answer, she stuck by it instead. Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks. DJ has also been doing it too proving it is contagious as she has lied about a few things including cutting her own hair.

So my husband being the good man that he is decided their punishment, since lying makes us unhappy, is to make them clean their rooms because that will make them unhappy. Yeah, nothing like some punitive punishment. But, it did need to get done – so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Work has been just weird this week. I need more to do. I really do. But, alas, I’m here for a single project – and since that project is paying my wage, I get to focus on that and that alone. I did make a weird discovery this week. Boss these guys around and they are happy. I sent off a task to a senior manager and braced myself for her to flip out. If I was in her shoes, I would have flipped out at me. But, instead, I got a response of “okay, will do.” What?? I am micromanaging a person who should not want to be micromanaged – and she is happy. I tried this with another person who can be a pain. His response was the same. I would love to say they are just being helpful, but I think they just like to be told what to do. There is an upside to that – but also a downside. I hate micromanaging senior people. I can do that to junior people or inexperienced people – but not people who shouldn’t need it. This will start annoying me soon…..very soon. That is my downside.

Oh, and my husband is addicted to Mantracker on the Science Channel. I’m convinced that a show with that name would be on Logo – or a bad reality show on VH1, but no – it’s considered science I guess. When he’s gone, I need to delete it from Tivo so I won’t be forced to watch it anymore.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. 13messages says:

    I would have thought the same thing about Mantracker. That’s funny.

  2. While I’m fine with punitive punishment in some cases, I try not to make it something they should be doing anyway. Recently I’ve been making the kid in trouble do the OTHER kid’s chores I’m addition to their own. Really cheeses them off to see their sibling sit and watch tv while they do dishes. Next step: cage matches.

  3. Stumptown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. rage says:

    Nothing upsets me more than when the kids lie to me and Temper. We are trying to teach them not to lie and how bad it is to do such a thing.

    Kids will lie though-I think it’s just a fact of life.

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