Lucky and Thankful

I feel very lucky. I am married to a guy who is good at surprising me.

TL and I haven’t seen each other since the house party. Our last actually conversation – like on the phone or face-to-face – was the day after the house party when we talked on his drive home.  Being the good technology geeks that we are, we keep in touch via text, IM and email. While this may not seem like anything unusual, this is pretty much daily…..multiple times per day.

We have had some pretty good conversations via technology, but it never replaces things like body language, expression, being able to look into someone’s eyes, etc.  And because of technology, we have had a few misunderstandings. They all get resolved because thankfully we are direct people who will just resolve them, but it punctuates the point that technology cannot totally replace actual communication.

We have been trying to find time to get together for a few months now. Not just to have sex, but to just see each other. I mean, TL is one of my best friends – it’s always good to actually see the person that holds that position in my life.

Wednesday night, my husband told me that I would be going to see TL Friday night. He had chatted with TL, he was going to be alone (sans kids), so I was going to down to visit him. It was all arranged.

It totally floored me. I was surprised – and happy.

So, Friday, I came home from work and jumped in the car for the drive to see TL.

And, even though there might be a sexy story to tell, the visit was mostly about just being together and spending time together. At dinner, midway through saying something, TL grabbed my hand and said, “Emmy, can I just say how happy I am that you are here. It has been too long.”

The feeling was incredibly mutual.
And the trip and visit was exactly what I needed – we needed.
I mean there is nothing better than getting to see a good friend and just talking.

And I feel incredibly lucky that I have a husband who understands that needs and made it happen for me.
Thank you, my love.

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  1. Vixen says:

    Lucky girl on numerous levels. 🙂

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