Just to Be Clear

My mouth craves your mouth. The way is feels on mine – the passion as our lips lock and tongues mingle.

My hair craves your hands. The way they entangle themselves in the locks and use it to pull my head back exposing my neck to you. Keeping me in place.

And my ear craves your voice in it – speaking unspeakable things, commanding me to cum, urging me higher.

My nipples crave your mouth. The way it teases them to stand out, to get more pleasure, then push that pleasure bound further with your sucking and biting.

My pussy craves your fingers. The way they know exactly the stops to hit. The way they fill me up and stretch me out.

It also craves your mouth. The way it bites me and tugs at its lips.
It also craves your cock. The way it slide into my pussy and strokes me in all the right ways.

My ass craves your cock. The way it stretches me out. The way it pounds into me as I’m bent over the couch or a bed.

It craves your hands and the way they squeeze it and open it up for your cock.

My mind craves your mind. Your thoughts of what you want to do when we are together. The glimpses of what dirty thoughts go through it.
I crave you.

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  1. That is very sexy right there. I hope you get to satisfy your cravings soon.

  2. 13messages says:

    Gorgeous words there.

  3. Secretia says:

    Constant Craving–that song cums to mind right now 🙂

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