Day 82 – Run!

This is my running watch. It tracks where I go, how far, and what my pace is.

But here’s the thing. I’ve sucked lately. Last week, I felt like crap so running was out.  The week before that, I just slacked. The week before that was better than the week prior but still sucked. Needless to say, I’m supposed to do a 6 mile run on Saturday and …. well, I am ill prepared.

Tonight, I came home and ran. Did an easy 5k. My per-mile pace was actually not bad. But, when I hooked up the watch, it showed me how many times I have not gone for a run over these past weeks.  So, each week, you my blog followers are going to get an update. And if you don’t get an update on my running, I expect asking. I expect pestering. Please do.

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  1. Ms Scarlett says:

    Oh man – I can totally relate!! We can pester each other – I’m 5 weeks from my first Half… and need pestering too!!

    RUN Emmy!!

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