Day 65 – Cherry Blossoms & Bikes


After lunch and a shower, we hit a bike store who was discounting their gear to get ready for their new stock. I didn’t find anything for me, but Garbanzo did discover they had the good running/biking socks for $4 a pair (my usual favorites are almost $10/pair). So, it wasn’t all bad.

I had grabbed my camera with the hopes of heading downtown and taking pictures of the cherry blossoms. If you recall from last year, this was taken at the Japanese Memorial in downtown Portland. I recalled getting some great pictures last year, so wanted to try again this year now that I’m not using presets on my camera.

I took about 100 pictures – but I liked this one the best. It is very Portland with the bikes all locked up together. We spent a couple of hours wandering around and enjoying the sun. We had another day of 60 degree weather so it was great enjoying it.

Tonight is the school auction – yippee. I tried to convince Garbanzo to just give them a check for the amount we usually budget for this event, but he rejected the idea. Too bad too. Sitting at home relaxing and not having to deal with the parents sounds like a much better option to me. At least this year, the auction coordinator made a deal with the space next to the school to have a pre-Auction social with beer and wine. This is usually a non-alcoholic affair, but alcohol is always needed at these events. Or at least, it is true in my case.

But the upside of the auction is that someone else can deal with my children. They have been in rare form all fucking day. I left a store earlier with Indigo because she couldn’t stop bouncing around getting in people’s ways. And DJ was encouraging her. Then, at the Japanese Memorial, she kept walking in front of bicyclists even after we would tell her to stop. DJ was in equally rare form too.  So, I guess that is the upside.

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  1. Peter McM says:

    Yippe, I caught up. I have read the blog from back to front. I now feel I know you well enough that I would recognise you if I bumped into you in the store.

    Except I live in Scotland, so that won’t likely happen. Thanks for all the entertainment and great photographs. I’ll now follow you day to day.


  2. Love the pic. especially since we are still knee deep in snow.

  3. Vixen says:

    I *love* Cherry Blossoms…..beautiful.

    Feel ya on the kiddo front.

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