Brain Dump

First off, go over to my friend Derek’s blog and wish him happy birthday. Derek lived with us for about 6 months before moving up to live with his boyfriend in Seattle. We miss him, but are happy for him.

And, because he’s Derek, he had declared today Mustache Day. So, if you are so inclined, draw one on if you don’t already have one and wear it proud. My girls have decided to do it.

I am so freaking far behind in my blog reading that I don’t know if I’ll ever crawl out from my unread pile. Please forgive my neglect. I swear I will be back to read you….when I find some time in the next few days.

I had a total “back in my day” geek moment the other day at work. I walked by the desktop team configuring the PCs for the new office. While she is dropping down images on all of the hard drives, I couldn’t help but remember back when I started in IT doing desktop support. I was the one who did all of the PC configurations. In the first two years, the company doubled in size – from 400 to 800, and I touched everyone of those 400 PCs and then some. The first year was pre-Windows 95 which meant setting IRQs on the devices – specifically the network card so it wouldn’t conflict with the CD drives. I can still recall all of the DOS commands for copying the Windows 3.1 and 3.11 for Workgroups configurations. God I feel old.

And speaking of work, the executive I manage the project for is looking to get himself fired for an HR issue. First he compared the process we were going to with the project as being like God delivering the tablets with the 10 commandments to Moses. Then the other day, he asked if he could buy handcuffs as he wanted them to demonstrate a point – that he could go to jail if regulations are not followed. After someone confirmed they could be purchased, he decided to clarify  by adding “I’m not talking the fuzzy kind you can get at those special shops”.

I have decided I am done following Facebook for a while. I’m sick of the political debate about the health care bill. The biggest problem is that people don’t understand it. I get that. But instead of making assumptions, can we all just wait and see what we find out. I mean, Obama signed it into law Tuesday. And while I would love to believe that everyone knew what it would mean beforehand, no one ever truly does. Sorry, that’s the cynic talking. I would love to believe everyone knew exact details, but I doubt it. 

My yard is ready for summer now. I need to now decide what I’m planting in my raised beds. I have two more this year. Our goal of slowly eliminating the yard is being realized. Oh, and the rain barrels are full too. So I’ll have water for the gardens as well. I was happy to see they worked so well.

Garbanzo declared the other night that he wants to find someone with a sexy accent to have sex with. Anyone who can do a good sexy accent, please let me know. I think it will be hard to figure out on AFF. And going thru a continual round of of meeting people isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Speaking of swinging, my playdate with SG is likely canceled this week. A weird twist of fate created this situation. Oh well, it happens. We both agreed that we needed some time together soon.  Hopefully we can reschedule soon.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Loverboy says:

    Hiya Emmy

    Hope that you are smiling this week~!

    We headed over to wish your pal a happy bday ;]

    L & A

  2. I can do many, many accents. Tell him to pick one and give me a month to smooth it out. And of course a plane ticket.

  3. Joker_SATX says:

    Good Brain Dump…You just reminded me that I have to do one of my own.

    I am getting to that same point on Facebook…don’t really know how much attention I want to pay to it anymore.

  4. I just ignore all he political debates on there. I don’t care to discuss politics with most people anyway. As a general rule, most people are concrete in what they think and believe for however long they believe it and cannot have a rational, mature discussion about it. So, I opt out and ignore the conversations about it.

    The mustache thing in honor of your friends birthday is a cute idea.

    Mmm. Accents. My boyfriend does an Australian (my favorite on the long list of accents I find HOT) one pretty well sometimes and yum.

  5. Genevieve says:

    I’ve been annoyed with a few things at FB for awhile. So today, I just posted some pictures of my adorable grandkids and left a couple nice comments. I allow myself to get involved in some of the discussions or even start them but most times end up frustrated because as Amorous Rocker said people are concrete in how they think. And that does make it hard to have a really good discussion. It ends up going off topic or getting personal or whatever.
    OH I think I’m in envy of your gardens. And the miniatures down a couple posts are delightful!

  6. Vixen says:

    I’ve been ignoring the debates as well. I don’t get involved in political debates, ever. Anywhere.

    An accent, eh? Can’t wait to hear about that one, lol.


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