It’s amazing how I can fuck things up sometimes. I know it may sound harsh – but I assure you, it’s the use of the word fuck that does it. Not anything else.

I am usually the big “scheduler”. I’m the one who keeps track and juggles everyone’s schedules. I’m usually the one who knows who needs to be where, what appointments happen when, etc. I would lecture my husband on keeping the calendar up to date. Hell, the family calendar is online for exactly this reason. To make sure nothing gets missed – nothing gets overlooked – nothing gets double booked.

I think I should have my status as master scheduler for the family taken away.

I have been giving out dates … April……for plans in March. 


I discovered this when I a date was given, I brought up my schedule on my computer and realized it was April I was looking at.  This has resulted in schedules not matching. Plans not working out. And things I was looking forward to – I mean REALLY looking forward to – not happening.

Had I not been looking forward to things, I wouldn’t be as strong of a reaction. But, now I had. I had been looking forward to seeing my friend. And, in one minute, I went from being optimistic to see him to knowing it cannot happen. (Not at all his fault – all mine in the expectations department. Had I given the right date, things would have been known immediately.)

It will happen. We will see each other. I know it will.
But it won’t be in a week like I had hoped.
And knowing that we will see each other, doesn’t make the fact I set for myself the wrong expectations suck any less.

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  1. Hubman says:

    No offense to Garbonzo, but even with this little fuck-up, I suspect your family is better off with you as the master scheduler! Still, that sucks, having to cancel plans…

  2. Just me... says:

    Things like this just make you want to kick your own ass.. Having had a dose of this very recently, I can understand your frustration with yourself..
    That being said, go easy on yourelf! :):):)

  3. Secretia says:

    II hate hearing the word FUCK all the time, and I say it too, but fuck is a beautiful thing, not really a curse, right?

    Fuckin right!


  4. Kallie Grace says:

    That sucks but it does happen, I do things like that all the time but it’s okay, you’ll overcome it and make the plans happen eventually 🙂

  5. I assume you are either a first born or a pseudo first born. I like first borns as clients; they are as good as money in the bank. Lighten up on yourself. This is like gas; it will pass

  6. Emmy says:

    Hubman – you must have met Garbanzo if you say that! 🙂

    Just Me – I’m totally kicking myself on this one.

    Secretia – Fuck is a great word – just not one many people truly appreciate. 🙂

    Kallie – I know I will overcome the scheduling thing. Just sucks in the short-term.

    Southern Swinger – I am a first born. How could you tell? 🙂 I am always hard on myself. I hate to screw up something so simple, but also I was hoping to make a questionable trip better if this had worked out.

  7. Sometimes even the best of us make a snafu. I am sure that you will never do it again.

  8. Vixen says:

    Boo! That sucks. I hate when the fuck up lies on my shoulders and it was something I was really looking forward too. 🙁

  9. Autumn says:

    awww emmy…it’s ok to not be perfect all the time. it totally happens, but completely sucks when your OWN plans get messed. i’m so sorry and hope you can make plans very soon.

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