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While I sit here waiting for the SmugMug site to come back online so I can upload my picture for Thursday (fucking technology), I thought I would reflect on my week.

I had to deal with my first crazy person on the train. Okay – let me be more accurate that – he was fucking high on something and acting crazy on the train. Crazy people are fine as long as they keep their crazy to themselves. This guy didn’t get that memo. He wandered about the train pacing. Then he decided to stand as close as he could to this woman who looked maybe 25. She was SO fucking uncomfortable. I looked over at her and saw her trying to collapse into herself while he looks like he’s about to snuggle up closer to her – and was enjoying her discomfort. I was about to say something (since she was choosing to not move away from him or say something herself) when he noticed me glaring at him. So he decided to come stand near me and stare back. The women visibly relaxed as I was getting more and more pissed off. He thought he could intimidate me, I guess, but he didn’t. So, he wandered away then off the train. 

Thursday night we had dinner with a couple we were supposed to initially play with – but a change of plans made it just dinner. We ate at a great restaurant – sitting close together in a booth. The thing I’ve noticed about this couple is that the conversation is just so easy – not forced in the least. But the sexual tension is definitely underlying. There was definitely some touching under the table – and flirting – lots of flirting.  Can’t wait to get together with them again – next time – there must be play.

Oh, and speaking of possibilities – my mom, out of the blue, called and said “for my birthday, I want you and the family to come down to visit up.”  Oh, okay – family drama – fun – was my feelings anyway.  She then says “because for my birthday, I want time with my grandkids. Just your girls. I don’t spend enough time with them. So come down here – then go visit your friend or something so I can watch your girls.” TL – if you are reading this – did you read THAT part? Guess we should talk.  If only my born-again-Christian mom knew what she was suggesting. Oh, well – it’s best she doesn’t – then she won’t throw us out of her house. Or maybe she would – but there would be more drama involved – and praying, I’m sure lots of praying.

Work has been an interesting place this week. Lots of good stuff – but, some weirdness. Like the woman in IT who shoots daggers at me each time she passes my office. No idea why. Women in IT departments can be total bitches to each other. Sometimes it is a feeling that they put in more time at the company, so feel other women are threats to it. Sometimes it is a test. Sometimes they are so fucking jaded that they lash out before they are lashed out at. Regardless, it’s been an odd contrast to how everyone else has been.

Indigo out of the blue the other day asks “Moe, what’s your favorite body part?”
Garbanzo was standing behind her mouthing his favorite parts to me.  I asked her why she was asking. She responded that she decided her earlobes where her favorite because they were soft AND squishy. Hello, randomness.

The Winter Olympics start this weekend – actually tomorrow if I’m not mistaken. Yet, not a lot of talk about them. I like the Winter Olympics. I hope they are on TV. I’m sure they will be – but still – it’s hard to know given how little is being said. Maybe we are too close to them in the Pacific NW, so we are blacked out? A friend of mine of Facebook made the same speculation.

Tomorrow night, we have a new babysitter – a former student of Garbanzo’s. I was great with it until he explained that her mom was going to come with her to make sure everything went well. Uhm….I’m not sure I’m okay with this arrangement. But, I guess I’m going to have to be because it’s happening. Oh, well – I guess I need to focus on why we are going out.  Maybe I’ll write about that later.

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  1. Secretia says:

    Creeps on public transportation-awful, but you know how to handle them. Still, be careful.


  2. Ah, the crazies. That is why I avoid public transportation.

  3. Just me... says:

    I’m with ASM on public transportation.. Rode MARTA once.. Cured me of that particular aspect of ‘going green’!!

  4. garbonzo says:

    I’m sure everything will be fine. This is not the kind of student (or parent) who pokes around and looks for things. We just need to leave the Twilight DVD in plain sight and they will be distracted.

  5. 13messages says:

    I dated a girl once who was like the woman in IT you described. All of our female coworkers thought she was kind of a bitch and it was true that she wasn’t exactly warm to others. It’s like you said though. She was a nice girl with me, but had that strange defense mechanism that brought out that “assume they hate you so be a tough bitch” persona. A shame, really.

    Nice post. I hope your night is a good one.

  6. Vixen says:

    ….keep their crazy to themselves…..haha… Too bad more of them don’t get that memo. LOL

    This was a fun review to read, there would be so much to comment on but instead I’ll say I just loved reading it. 🙂

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