House Party – Part 2

The Host led me back up stairs to where there was a lot of play already in progress. The air was filled with the sounds of moans, bodies slapping together, an occasional word, some spanking whereas earlier there were a lot of voices as the sex was more playful in nature.

He stopped at the top of the stairs and pulled me in for a kiss. As the kiss deepened, so did our contact between our bodies. He pulled me in tighter, and I could feel his arousal between us – pressing against me. His hand was in my hair pulling my head to the side so he could kiss my neck.  A soft moan left my lips as he started firmly kissing the place where my neck curves into my shoulder.  That small moan encouraged him to start being more firm with his mouth on my neck – fluctuating between kisses and bites. And those bite – those fucking bites – drove me over the edge. And my moans became louder- my own arms tightened around him to keep him closer to me.

He pulled back from me, then led me from the spot we had been standing to the available Liberator shape – the Esse, if I’m not mistaken. It’s like a curvy chaise lounge – the perfect height and width for sex.  He laid me back on it and gave my pussy some attention – with fingers and mouth. Finding me wet propelled things beyond foreplay and straight into sex. He donned a condom and slid right into me. The tilt of my body was perfect and his cock hit my g-spot with every stroke. But, clearly that this was not his favorite position as he pulled out, stood me up, and took my place.

I climbed on top of him – both feet still on the ground – and I guided his cock into my pussy as I took my seat. Once he was inside me, his hands were on my hips pulling me down, making sure I was taking him deep inside me. Being that deep, made sure there full contact between my pussy and his cock. I began rocking on his cock – using it to rub my g-spot. The smirk on his face told me that it was exactly what he wanted. As did the comments from those around us upon watching what was happening. I guess, this is his favorite position.  I will have to say – this was quickly mine too.

Everything felt so good. I would control the pace for a time, then he would put his hands on my hips or my back and encourage me to go faster or slower. Or he would thrust up ever so slightly as I moved – driving me crazy.

His wife walked by at one point and he cryptically asked her to “do what she did to so-and-so earlier”. His wife disappeared behind me, but I felt her hands touching me and his cock as it entered me. That extra sensation felt incredible – and I think she added a finger in with his cock – or at least that’s what it felt like anyway. I didn’t really care – it felt good until she was pulled away by Garbanzo.

I knew the Host had watched me earlier with the Shy Guy. I had seen him walk by a few times. I don’t know if he saw him do it – or just did it on instinct, but at times when my head would tilt back from a particularly good thrust, he would wrap his hand around my damp locks – and keep my head tipped back like that as he controlled the pace from the bottom.  Several times, he did that with one hand, then played with my clit with his other hand – which threw me into orgasmic bliss.  He must have enjoyed what that did to me as the last time he said “Let’s see if I can make Emmy cum again.” And with that smirk on his face, he did.

After the last time, I was done – I wanted to fuck him hard. I needed to fuck him hard. We found a rhythm that gave me what I needed – and drove him over the edge.
As I laid on top of him – both of us catching our breaths – our bodies wet with sweat – he looked at me, kissed me and said, “I’m so glad you guys accepted our invitation. I know you will be invited again!”  This time, I was the one smirking.

We eventually disentangled ourselves from one another; he handed me a bottle of water as he went to open a window. It felt a lot hotter upstairs than it had when we started.  As I sat their drinking my water, one of the guys, I shall call the Greeter, moved over towards me. He grabbed my hand and said, “why don’t you come down here next to me. We haven’t spent any time together.”

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  1. John and Ann says:

    Esse–wow, forget Liberator shapes, they have Liberator furniture! Sounds like your fun continued!

  2. Sexy Sixty says:

    Wow now that sounds like a real nice party.

  3. Secretia says:

    This wakes me up much more than all the coffee!

  4. Kallie Grace says:

    Wow lucky you that sounds like such fun!!

  5. IveyLane says:

    All I can say is I am green — GREEN! — with envy. Glad you had such a fantastic time. 🙂

  6. Ms Scarlett says:

    This makes me wish I lived in the same town!!

    Hope there’s more!

  7. Just me... says:

    Oh, my!! This party sounds like a fantastic adventure!!! :):)

  8. Autumn says:

    whoosh! that was really hot. wow, i’ve never been in any situation like that. you described it so vividly i almost felt i could see it. i love that position too. fuck, would i love to have that chair for it. 🙂

  9. 13messages says:

    How sexy it is to “see” you as I read your words. You two are the coolest. And, of course, I wish I was there.

  10. Bella says:

    Ok, can I be you please? Just for a weekend? Whew.

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