House Party – Part 1

The house party was unlike anything I could have expected. I mean, what image conjures up in your mind when you hear swinger house party? Maybe it’s a thing I heard once that has forever put this image in my mind – but you kinda expect to see something that is a sexual free-for-all – everywhere – small room – condoms next to the M&Ms or something. In other words – cheesy swinger party.

This party was different. The couple who hosts them keeps the group small – and holds a very adult (& ADULT) oriented affair. People dressed up. Dinner party beforehand with plenty of wine. Wonderful dinner with dessert. Then after the port and dessert wine has been circulated – it is time for the fun.

From what we learned, this party was going to be larger than most that are held – 17 people would be in attendance.  We were the “new” couple.  TL had given us quite the run down as he was a regular on the guest list.

We arrived. Were greeted. I could see the guys starting to queue up for some time with me. That may sound a bit egotistic but the reality was – they were queueing up. Between the touching and the flirting and the “we want you to be comfortable” comments, it was clear what they liked the new girl, so to speak.

During dinner, it became clear that one person in particular liked me. I kinda felt like his wife was setting him up with me.  The Shy Guy finally switched seats so that he could sit next to me. The conversation was a bit stop and start.  Finally, I just picked up the conversation and ran with it. This got him to relax and talk more.

After dinner he told me that he had just planned on watching, but now wanted to play – with me. He asked if I wanted to go upstairs with him – to where the play area was. Very little play had begun which is what made him eager. An exhibitionist he is not. In fact, he and his wife don’t do same room swap as he cannot do it.

We started out kissing and touching. His hands were in my hair – a lot.  Then we finally disrobed. “Naughty girl – not wearing any panties” was his reaction as I took off my dress. He was right – no bra or panties for me. In fact, I loved that dress for that reason.  No need. His hands were on my breasts immediately. “Oh, you have perfect breasts. So soft.”  He continued to suck and play with my nipples until I encouraged him to play a bit harder with them. (He was treating them like they were glass.) Things got really interesting from there. While I enjoyed the nipple play, he clearly was inexperienced at it. Instead of building up from where he was at, he immediately went harder. While there were moments where that was fine, I finally had to tell him to back off the rough play a bit.  Thankfully it didn’t ruin the mood.

After some nipple play, he moved his way to my pussy and gave it some oral attention. He was quite good. He had me writhing pretty quickly and kept teasing me by building me up and then backing me off. I finally had enough of that game and brought him back up to me. After a kiss, I put him on his back as I took his cock into my mouth.

I took it deep into my mouth, sucking hard and finding a rhythm he enjoyed. I could tell he was enjoying himself as his breath and moans made it pretty clear. He asked if I would turn my body around so he could have my pussy as I gave attention to his cock. I complied. 

It didn’t take long before I turned back around and suggested he get a condom and fuck me.  I don’t think I had gotten all of the words out of my mouth before he was off the bed and to the condoms.  It didn’t take but a second before he was positioned between my legs entering me.

I’m not really a wrap-my-legs-around-you sort of girl when it comes to fucking missionary. I like my legs on the guy’s shoulders  – or maybe one up and one down. I like the deep thrusts.  Thankfully Shy Guy was on the same page. He had positioned my legs so that they were on his shoulders as he thrusted into me.  A perfect way to begin the play.

I won’t go into the position by position description, but we did have some fun. We finally collapsed in a heap and laid there talking for a bit. He eventually suggested we go outside to sit in the hot tub. We headed down there – and were quickly joined by his wife and Garbanzo who had also had a fun time together. We found the Hostess in the hot tub alone, so we all joined her. We were quickly joined by the Host and two other people.  The Host and I had not had time to really interact before this point.  As we all sat there in the mist talking and joking, I put my hand on his leg as I made a point. It stayed there. He started giving me a foot massage.

I kind of worried a bit that I was offending the Shy Guy. He clearly liked being with me – and wanted to spend more time with me (not necessarily sexually), but I was looking forward to mingling a bit more.

Our Host excused himself saying he needed to go check on something. I excused myself saying I needed to get something to drink. We walked into the house together – he grabbed my hand once we were away from the others and led me back upstairs.

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  1. Secretia says:

    That is so very exciting, thanks!

  2. southerngirl says:

    Things are just heating up I feel…


  3. Ms Scarlett says:

    Wow… can’t wait to hear more!!

  4. Sounds very exciting….can’t wait to read the rest!

  5. Vixen says:

    This has been very fun to read! Can’t wait for part 2.

  6. Maggie says:

    And here I thought condoms next to the M&Ms were just part of all good parties. 🙂

  7. It’s interesting to read about the lifestyle and the house parties and such…I also can’t wait to read about the rest.

  8. John and Ann says:

    As always your stories are incredibly hot, we can’t wait to hear what happened when you went upstairs a second time!

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