Day 43 – Don’t Stand There

I noticed with great irony that there was a sign on the floor where I was standing on the MAX train today. Why were we standing on the Don’t Stand Here location? Because they decided to run the line with A single train car. We were packed in that this is where I could stand and NOT feel like I was smooshed. Then at one station, a young Latino couple in love came and stood as close as possible to me and started making out. I was one kiss shy away from being part of a threesome on the train. And while they spoke their words of passion to each other in Spanish (words I understood mind you – gracias Senor Precio), I couldn’t help but admire the fact that in the midst of all of the discomfort, they were too into each other to truly care.

Oh, and a couple people after hearing my story about public transportation made a few comments about not liking to take it. I take it out of pure economics. It is $75 for a transit pass (train and bus) or it’s around $300 +/- $50 to park a car in downtown Monday thru Friday 7am-6pm. I can’t justify the money on parking. So, the train it is. The upside – I get to listen to my music on my iPhone and rediscover forgotten albums. Love that!

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  1. Secretia says:

    Signs are warnings and people don’t believe it.

  2. dark snow says:

    i tot the sign says “please stand here”

  3. Sexy Sixty says:

    I work with someone who absolutely refuses to take public transport for reasons that make no sense to me at all. Travel to DC, which we do a lot, can be very expensive with a rental car and parking but almost free (by comparison) using trains and subways. We once traveled separately to a conference…the week cost him nearly $1000 in rental charges and parking fees … me, a total of less than $20 for the entire trip from arrival to departure.

  4. Vixen says:

    Giggling a bit at that sign. But probably more so at the Latino couple.

    I rode the bus/shuttle for years bc it was so much less stressful than driving over the mountain passes. 🙂

  5. Maggie says:

    Yay for public transportation! I’ve found that, at least in my city, the people most vehemently against taking public transit are the ones who’ve never actually been on it. Ridiculous.

  6. southerngirl says:

    Love the “one kiss shy” comment Emmy – if they only knew huh??? xx

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