Day 40 – Homemade Valentines

The girls this year, at the request of the teachers, are being asked to make homemade valentines day cards. DJ says to me “Moe, you know that picture of me holding the chinchilla you took. Print it out for me so I can use it for the cards.”

Sure, DJ, because Moe took several thousand pictures last year. Let me see if I can just find it given I don’t remember when I took the picture – and my pics are organized by year, month, and date.

Thankfully I did use it for the 365Project last year, so I was able to find it in my online photo library – and was able to figure out when I took it. Then I had to dig through my external drive to find it – then print it.

Now DJ isn’t great at math (she didn’t get that from me), so I made her earn the photos.

“If I can print 15 photos on a page, you guys need 50 between your two classes. How many pages am I printing?”
“50 pages.”
“Uhm, no.”
“Does your answer make sense? Would I agree to print 60 pages?”
“Oh! You have to print 4 pages because you only get 45 pictures if you print 3 pages, so you have to print 4 so that we have enough.”

She’s lucky. I was about to embarrass her by asking Indigo the question. And I’m pretty sure my little mathematician would have gotten it the first time.

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  1. I better get one in the Mail!!!

  2. That is a cool idea…I bought the stupid ones from the store.

    maybe next year….

  3. 13messages says:

    Nice teaching moment there. Slow down, think it out.

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