Day 38 – Super Bowl Sunday

It was gorgeous south of Portland where we attended the super bowl party we had been invited to. We received a text from the host suggesting we bring the kids’ bikes with us since it was so nice outside.

We brought the girls’ bikes up from the basement and put them on the bike rack to drive down. It was amazing weather. The kids all rode bikes around the neighborhood – fell in the stream nearby the house – and had a ton of fun trying to steal cupcakes under the noses of the adults.

And the adults were having a lot of fun too. You see, these are all “horizontal friends” as our hosts explained. Shy Guy and his wife were there as were another couple. The host and hostess were two people we got along with at the house party but never had a chance to play with.  So as the kids tried to sneak cupcakes, the adults were sneaking touches. This was made more interesting by the fact that one of the teenage boys who was there decided to watch the game instead of playing video games. Having him sitting next to his dad who was sitting next to me with his arm innocently along the back of the couch so that he could touch my shoulder or rub my back innocently.

But, the funniest moment of the night came before we left. The host was complaining about the idiots who designed the house – it shows well, but that’s it. Functionality and quality are two things left out of the design decisions. He led me upstairs under the guise of showing me something. The kids were running around playing hide and go seek – and they had declared part of the master suite off limits. His kid explained this, went to shut the door, but said before closing it “don’t do anything inappropriate!”  Ahh…out of the mouths of babes. We both laughed, but the minute the door was shut we started kissing. (This was the guy, btw – if you read the 3rd part of the House Party story, who locked eyes with me while the Greeter and I watched them.)

It was definitely a fun party. And seeing these guys interact with their kids was also interesting as you saw another side of them.  Shy Guy and his wife, for example, have a blended family – so seeing his kid and her kid and how they all interacted was very entertaining especially since his son spent the game texting two different girls and getting harassed for it.

When we set out in the lifestyle, we wanted “friends with benefits” – we wanted people we could easily interact with out of bed as well as in bed. Whether it is a couple or single person like TL, we seem to have made the right connections for achieving exactly that. 

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  1. Thank god you didn’t watch the super bowl. I was about to get pissed if you did!

  2. Secretia says:

    That was interesting, the non-sexual parts too.


  3. southerngirl says:

    Sounds like lots of interesting chemistry brewing about, huh???

  4. Bella says:

    Damn girl, you even got a little action at an innocent Super Bowl party. You are my hero. 🙂

  5. Vixen says:

    I think that’s awesome to find people you can interact with both in and out of the bedroom!

    LOVE that pic btw.

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