Day 37 – Reflections at the Post Office

While sitting in the car at the post office, I noticed the reflection of the old building across the street in the windows of the post office. That building is definitely more interesting than the post office building. I had to play with the shutter speed – slowing it down just a hair so that I captured the details of the reflection. Worked out pretty well, especially when I put it in sepia.

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  1. frances says:

    that’s incredibly beautiful…

  2. Hubman says:

    Very cool shot!

    And just another example of why it pays to always have your camera with you!

  3. Great shot. I’m a huge fan of reflected images though at this point, I don’t think I’d have either the presence of mind or the ability to slow down the shutter speed! Maybe I’ll work on that more next year? LOL

  4. southerngirl says:

    Gorgeous shot…


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