Day 36 – Dome

Garbanzo convinced me to meet them at the pub that has a theatre for beer, dinner and a movie. I don’t recall much of the movie thanks to the beer he plied me with. I think it was his way of making me forget that he had invited the Devil’s spawn for a sleepover tonight. (I don’t like this girl, and he knows it. I thought I had made it clear he was no longer ot be invited over for a sleepover. Guess I was mistaken.)

So, the drama has begun at the house. I’m drunk and shouldn’t be blogging, and I can only hope they go to bed soon so I can fuck my husband. I doubt that will happen. 🙁

Oh, well, the theater was cool.
Work was good today.
And it was 60 degrees without rain.
I guess I can’t complain.

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  1. 13messages says:

    Good luck. I just opened a bottle here. Good times.

  2. Hubman says:

    So now that it’s the next morning, did Satan’s spawn behave? And more importantly, did you get to fuck your husband? 😉

    Cool pic!

  3. Secretia says:

    You are always fun to read.

  4. garbonzo says:

    Thank God she is gone!!!

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