A Morning Break of Sorts

He came into the bedroom to get his wallet.
But instead we ended up in an embrace, kissing passionate.
I had been getting dressed. I had been in my sweats and decided it was time to get dressed and get out in the day. But had put on a thong and was searching for a shirt and pants. But instead of finishing, I was in my husband’s arms.

I broke our embrace and stripped off my sweatshirt.  When I turned back around, my husband’s pants were off and his cock was ready for me.

I knelt before him taking his cock deep into my mouth. I licked the head of his cock then took it deep into my mouth and throat. Feeling his cock get harder while I sucked and licked it turned me on even more. After several minutes of giving him oral attention, I stood up, slipped off my thong, and bent over the bed.

He came behind me and slid straight into my pussy in one stroke.
“God, you are wet!’ was his observation as he thrusted deep inside me.

He picked up the pace and drove me into the bed with each stroke. My moan was barely contained.  And it wasn’t at all contained as I felt his hand in my hair, grabbing it, and pulling my head back up. His other hand slid under me and grabbed a nipple and squeezed it firmly.

He released my head finally and slid his hand under my hips; finding my clit. With each stroke of his cock, his fingers expertly massaged my clit. I could feel my orgasm building quickly.

“Fuck me harder…please!” I begged.

And he picked up the pace as I started to cum.
And as I started to cum, he pulled his hands back to my hips and drove me hard into the bed as his own orgasm hit.

We laid their in a heap for a moment – catching our breath.
Then got ourselves together and went out to corral the kids and continue on with our day.
I love these unexpected quickies.

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  1. kindalingers says:

    Beautiful, very very sexy

  2. Very sexy! Its those quickies that make the morning fun.

  3. Secretia says:

    That was very exciting!

  4. Joker_SATX says:

    I think the word we are all looking for is Spontaneous! Score this as a WIN! Great post!

  5. That’s a fun surprise. 🙂

  6. Just me... says:

    Gotta love the good quickies!! :):)

  7. southerngirl says:

    A lovely way to start the day baby….

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