A Good Day

Tuesday was a good day.

It started out with a fun chat with TL while I was on the train. I was happy to see him healthy. It feels like forever since he’s been around and chatty at that time. Mainly because he’s been sick. The only downside – his teasing. Finding out he was naked in bed while chatting and having that image in my head – an image I know – well, that was quite a tease for me. Damn him!!! Lol!

Then, I had a great talk with my boss when I got there. He had forgotten that I lead girl scouts ever other week. Then fretted we hadn’t talked about it. He’s funny. I think what helps the situation be less weird is the fact I’ve been in his shoes. So instead of taking it personally, I laughed. I had covered my bases because I knew if I hadn’t that this would come up. He just missed it. And he knew it. It was pretty funny.

I was then finally allowed to lead my first project meeting. I tossed the executive that interjects too much of what he wants to see happen out of the meeting. The 3-hr meeting lasted 1 hour. I am now a hero.

Then, I had some great follow-up discussions. Everyone was happy how it went – even those who were not happy going into it. They felt they got a lot out of it – and were happy with the progress.

I went out and grabbed some lunch. Some soup since I’m on the verge of this stupid freaking cold, and seemed to encounter people who were genuinely happy to be at work. The two people at the coffee shop were fabulous. I was kind of taken back by them – in a good way.

Back in the office, I had a great meeting with an executive at the company. She was not happy about the project to date. In 10 minutes, I had her happy with the progress, understanding the plan and wanting to help me anyway she could.

Then, I got back to my desk and checked my personal email. I saw that eLust #8 came out.  I was looking through the code in my email just to see who was highlighted – and found my story in the top 3 posts. I was blown away. I am my own worst critic, so it was a very nice surprise. Wow!

Soon after, I spoke with another friend. It was great hearing the excitement in his voice about his night. And a nice little break from my afternoon of meetings too.

Then I went home and had a funny train experience. I moved for a cyclist who had the rights to the location I was standing in. (It was the designated bike area.) He was going to get off in a second, so he told me not to worry about it. Another guy had slid into my spot, so the cyclist yelled at him. “The lady moves because it’s the right thing to do and you take her spot when I don’t need it? How fucking rude! Get out of there and let her go back to her spot!”  This guy moved faster than I had ever seen someone move. I was laughing. And I got my spot back.

At home, the girls were goofy. DJ was in a great mood. Indigo was in a good and loving mood. Garbanzo was happy. Life is good!

I like those days.
I’ll be honest that I went into Tuesday not optimistic given what was on the agenda of things to do, so I was pleasantly surprised that it ALL went well.
Days like these days are too few and far between.
Here’s to hoping today was not a fluke!

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  1. Secretia says:

    You deserve a majority of good days.


  2. Hubman says:

    You know that now that you’ve talked about it, you’ve jinxed yourself for today, right?

    It sounds like more than a good day to me!

  3. Daniel says:

    All that and not a word about how lovely it was to chat to me, I see how it is… 😉 😉


  4. Emmy says:

    Secretia – thank you 🙂

    Hubman – I have no illusions that this could happen 2 days in a row! But I did get a text message that brightened my afternoon! 😉

    Daniel – you are correct. I did neglect to mention our great chat last night! To be fair, I have to include John in the chat catagory too 🙂

  5. Daniel says:

    Whoever HE is.



  6. Maggie says:

    Good days are good! 🙂 Glad to see so many pleasant things in one day. Hope you have many more like this.

  7. Just me... says:

    Don’t you just love the days when it all falls into place?
    Here’s wishing you tons more of them! 🙂

  8. nitebyrd says:

    Here’s to good days! Hope you have many more – all in a row! 😉

  9. Joker_SATX says:

    I am glad that you got to appreciate this day. I think you would find it amazing that so many people have days like this one and don’t stop to think about it and appreciate it….

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