Sunday Randomness

Garbanzo is the king of finding weird shit on the Internet.  Let me share with you some of his finds. I get these in email quite frequently….he does teach. I’ve witnessed him do it. Yet, I get these while he’s teaching. Go figure.

Anyway, the first thing – that I love, btw – is the online comic Menage a 3.  This link takes you to the start of the strip. Hilarious! And a quick read. Spend some time and read it. Then bookmark it, so you can continue to read.  The premise: a virgin loses his roommates (two gay men) and must find new roommates. He ends up with two female roommates – one decides to help him in his quest to lose his virginity – not that she volunteers herself. 

For anyone who has been stuck helping a kid “Find Waldo”, I recommend the Topless Robot’s 9 Strange Things Found While Searching for Waldo.  There are some fantastic things including topless mermaids.

Because our family is full of guinea pig humor thanks to Indigo’s guinea pig. (She even stars in her own movies filmed by the girls.)  I bring to you Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig.

I think he’s Scottish.

Oh, and the Daily Shite site is great. I highly recommend it for a fun addition to your day.

In the category of interesting sea creatures, I bring you the giant jellyfish of Japan.

There is video on this site too.

And finally, in the category of weird facts, I bring to you one of the segments from the great British TV show, QI.  It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned how fucking hilarious this show is – and brainy too.  The fact it’s brainy is why they will never bring it to the US.  I believe they have said they won’t because American’s aren’t smart enough.  Yet, everyone who sees this show falls in love with it.  Go figure.  Anyway, back to the video. It’s call Nostril Thinking.

If you like this, check out YouTube for more. Just search for QI.

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  1. Sa says:

    I adore QI and have had the biggest crush on Stephen Fry for years.

  2. Secretia says:

    The drunk guinea pig, too funny!
    A great Sunday to you!


  3. I heart QI. And I’m with Sa, I have such a crush on Stephen Fry, but since he’s gay I’ll settle for him being my best friend. His autobiography is the sex, and he’s writing the second half right now – if you like smart it’s definitely worth a read.

    —Amy xxxx

  4. papa roxie! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oh man im dying here.

    im totally stealing that and crackbooking it.

    im going to have to check the rest out when we get back

  5. Sa says:

    Amy I loved Moab is my washtub and I can’t wait for the second tome. And you and I can visit Uncle Stephen and he can be witty and amazing and cook French toast for us. I have total exam brain;)

  6. Daniel says:

    So, I couldn’t help but look based on the street signs, cause I’m a huge dork like that… The place where ‘Menage a 3’ is set is like 3 blocks from where frances and I had our Montreal vacation. Very cool!


  7. garbonzo says:

    For the record, Menage a` 3 is NOT something I found/read while at school!!!!!!!

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