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I have several photo sites in my feeder which have some interesting things come up on them occasionally.  Maybe it’s the new year, but I thought I would share the ones that grabbed my attention.

A funny Flickr group I just found is based on the iPhoto facial recognition software. Or, maybe I should say the flaws in the facial recognition software. People have submitted pictures of what iPhoto thought were faces. Hilarious!

Since many people are doing the 365 Project this year, I thought I would post this link to an article entitled “13 Tips for Staying Motivating in Photography” from PetalPixel.  The first tip is something I do personally.  I lug my Nikon D80 everywhere with me.  Everywhere!  Ask Hubman and Veronica as I had it in Seattle everywhere we went.  Ask TL as I’ve had it with me each time we’ve been together – and not just because I’m hoping to take pictures of what we’re doing.  Ask people who have worked with him.  Hell, ask my kids who have long since stopped asking why I have my camera with me.  Very rarely do you hear me say “I wish I had my camera”.  Mostly it is “I wish I could stop right here on the bridge and not piss everyone off during rush hour traffic because this would make an awesome picture!”.  All the other tips are ones I’ve used as well, but this one is the first tip I know I would also give.

And, when I saw this site, I immediately thought of my husband.  Growing Up Heroes is a look back on childhood photographs of kids who dress up like superheroes.  Have a picture of your own? Submit it.  I love when the girls pull out the cape my MIL made Garbanzo when he was a child and decide to wear it all day.  Or, as they did the other day, they decide they need Wonder Woman wristbands and draw them on with tattoo markers.  Really does show you the impact superheroes have on the world – geek or not.

I recently re-Tweeted this article, but wanted to mention it here because it blew us away.  Cueva de los Cristales of Mexico, or The Giant Crystal Caves, is one of the most beautiful and deadliest places on Earth.  After reading the article and looking at the picture, we spent more time looking up others. The pictures almost look fake – pictures like this one:

Well worth the read as the processes they had to create for keeping camera equipment cool as well as themselves is pretty astounding as is just the history of the place.  Amazing.

I love wide angle lenses.  I have one that is wider than others I own, but I want this one:

It’s an ultra-wide angel zoom. It’s also almost $900. Yeah not getting it anytime soon, but it sure would be nice for some of the city-scape pictures I like to take.  I have to thank one of the year end round ups for this obsession.  Garbanzo said that if I get a job, I could use some of my virtually untouched severance on it.  Damn that man for knowing how to motivate me!


On a different subject, some of you may have noticed that Garbanzo’s blog has gone private & the link to it has been taken off of my blog.  He is currently trying to figure out what he wants to do with it.   This drove home the point that he needs to separate the two.  We are pretty confident that no one who knows him from teaching has found his personal blog or my blog – or I should say no one we don’t trust – but it hit a bit too close for comfort.  When he decides what he wants to do, I’ll let people now.  Until then, he is just playing it safe

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  1. Hubman says:

    Yes, fellow readers, it’s true, she had her camera with her everywhere we went!!

    Thanks for the links- I bookmarked the 13 ideas one for future reference.

    Is the zoom the 10-24mm lens? That’s a nice lens. Now get a job so you can buy it! 😉

  2. Great poet, thanks for sharing it.

    I have been using my canon for years and just switched to a Nikon and I really love it. I am having so much fun with the pictures and with the 365 project.

  3. Cheeks says:

    We don’t even own a digital camera because we take pictures so rarely. I use Mr. Cheeks’ phone to take pictures every once in a blue moon.

    But your 365 day blogs have made me want to buy a decent camera and start taking pictures!

    And that Growing Up Heroes site is awesome.

    Happy New Year to you and the whole family!

  4. rage says:

    I wish those good cameras weren’t so expensive…they do take some great pictures.

  5. 13messages says:

    Those are wonderfully interesting links. Great post. I love your words and photos so much.

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