Day 9 – March of the Geese

I ventured out today to take pictures at the Vanport Wetlands area and discovered one very important thing – they don’t allow people to walk in the wetlands.  So, the closest you can get is a view from about 10ft from the chain link fence.  I took some pictures, but it was a bust sadly. Should have brought my other zoom with me.

Vanport was the site of the town of Vanport – a place where all of the shipbuilders lived. It was constructed quickly in 1943 where it housed around 40,000 people.  In 1948, however, a section of the dike that kept the Columbia River from flooding it gave way – killing 15 people and leaving the rest homeless. It destroyed the entire town.  Technically, this picture was taken on part of the old town as well.  They clearly never reconstructed it as the city grew over it. 

Anyway, enough Portland history.  I noticed many Canadian Geese flying out of the wetland area and wondered if they were flying over to the soccer complex across the freeway.  Indeed they were.  I found it interesting though because they were grazing in a long line across several of the soccer fields.  Makes me wonder if someone was supposed to seed the field and simply drove in a straight line across all of the fields, dumped the seed while they went, and called it good. Given how the geese were grazing, it definitely supports that theory.

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  1. Secretia says:

    All those geese! Nature is bountiful all right.


  2. I love this.
    Your theory is interesting. I wonder if that IS what happened. Hmm…

  3. Cool shot, Emmy and I love the history lesson too.

    You and Hubman are my two main inspirations for taking on Project365 this year. Thanks!

  4. Hubman says:

    Geese, aka rats with feathers.

    Cool shot though! One of these days (when it’s not so fuckin’ cold) I’ll spend some time at a state park and try my hand at wildlife photography.

  5. Just me... says:

    Great pic.. Looks like the same lot that congregate in the field across from my house!! And as long as they don’t crap on my car, I think they’re lovely.. Otherwise, they are lovely with a little orange sauce… :):):)

  6. Ms Scarlett says:

    Great shot, Emmy!

    …even if the first thing I thought was, ‘That’s a LOT of goose shit’

    Like the theory, though. My experience, playing on many a soccer field would support your theory.

  7. I would be worried that the geese would want to chase me! A great shot though!

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