Day 30 – I’ve Got Nothin’

I would have had something had I not had my half-marathon training this morning thus making me late to my daughter’s taekwondo testing. Instead, I had to hand over the camera because there was an off chance I was going to miss her test – and I wanted Garbanzo to capture it on film.

As luck would have it, I DID get there in time to see her test. But, I had to let him keep my camera. Sadly, at 5’5″, my ability to take pictures over all of the people standing in front of me is not possible. Where he was standing was actually perfect. So he took all of the pictures. 

And because I can, I must say my daughter (DJ) ROCKED her test. In fact, she got a perfect on her test, thus earning her an “excellent student” patch. She is now one test away from being a black belt – one big test away. But, I suspect, she will rock it as she has with every other test she has taken to date.

Anyway, after we left, we just had too much to do before we dropped off the kids and left for our evening out. And, sadly, none of those activities were picture worthy. If I have a rule for myself this year doing 365Project – it is that I am not going to take a picture of something just to have a picture. I want it to mean something to me – not fill a self-imposed requirement.

SO, instead, I will do two pictures tomorrow. I love how flexible this project is – I can interpret it however I’d like. I mean, the goal is success not failure in the attempt. Plus, I have been enjoying taking some neat pictures lately. I want to keep it going if I can.

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  1. frances says:

    Go DJ! That’s incredible. What drive she must have. You must be one proud mama. 🙂 You have been taking some seriously good pics this year! I think it’s terrific you’d rather wait than take a picture for pictures sake. Rock on! 🙂

  2. Hubman says:

    Congrats to DJ!

    No picture? Slacker 😉

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