A Different Kind of Fuck

Sitting on top of you, your cock nestled between my labia – skin on skin, my wetness making the contact that much sweeter.

I can tell by the look on your face that you were in ecstasy with your testicles trapped between us getting wet the more you play with me.  And play with me you do. Your fingers on my nipples, a smack on my ass, your hand in my hair as you pull my head down so that we may devour each other in a kiss.

And all the while, we maintain that clit-to-shaft contact. No intercourse – just your cock trapped between us.

I start rocking against your cock ever so slightly – fucking you with my wet pussy. And as you work your magic with your hands on my body, my wetness is making me slide on you easier and easier.  I add some lube to my hand and slide it between your body and cock, pressing your cock against my clit so that you can have the friction you need. 

“Oh, yeah, fuck me!” were the words that slipped from your lips.

You have often described to me how much you enjoy watching me as you  pleasure me. You love watching my eyes roll back as you hit a good spot.  You love hearing my breathing change. You love seeing my head arch back as I get close.

In this position, I get to watch you.  Each stroke of my pussy lips on your cock elicits a new response.  Your eyes roll back.  I can see you fighting the urge to push me off of you and take back control as you slide your cock into me and fuck me hard.  I can tell I have you on that verge; caught between enjoying this sweet torment and wanting that hard raw fuck.

“Faster! Fuck me faster!” is your plea.  And, I comply, not wanting to lose control over the situation – lose control over making you come.  I keep the friction tight – my hand on one side while my pussy and clit grinding on your cock on the other – synchronized perfectly.

Incoherent words leave your lips as you start to cum.  I wrap my hand around your cock and continue milking it, then quickly climb off so I can take your spasming cock into my mouth and suck the last bits of cum from it. 

I release your cock and crawl up your body to lie next to you; watching you come down from your orgasm.

As soon as you regain the ability to speak, you look down at me and pull me deeper into the crook of your arm.

“You have ever right to have that grin on your face. Now what am I going to do with you?”

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  1. Just me... says:

    Oh, my word… Incredibly hot!! :):)

  2. “la la la la la labia baby you got something for me… In your wizards sleeve”

  3. ohhh dang. and me all alone. sigh

  4. Sexy Sixty says:

    Oh that is a sweet little tease! Sounds like a sweet way to enjoy and be enjoyed.

  5. James says:

    Oh yeah! I’ll take some of that.

  6. frances says:

    that’s TOTALLY a trick i need to experiment with. 😉 nicely told emmy!

  7. IveyLane says:

    That’s GREAT Emmy! I also loved “His Hand” as well.

    Just thought I’d delurk and say “Hi”. Been following your blog for a while now and have decided not to be so shy in 2010. 🙂


  8. That was so hot (and I am already incredibly horny right now)!!!

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