52 Weeks of Erotica – or Pimping for a Friend

X and I have not only had some fun together, but have become good friends. Despite his lack of blogging (lack of time to blog mainly), we remain in contact. In other words, I am lucky that I get to hear all about his adventures – and he hears mine. 

He told me a while ago about a project he and his partner-in-crime was starting together. It was part of a Fetlife challenge to produce an original piece of erotic art – one each week of the year or 52 in total.  Fierybitch creates the art and passes it to X who writes the captions or stories that accompany the piece. And they have posted them for all of us to see – 52 Weeks a Year is the blog.

Oh, and as in any good partnership – they keep each other in check with punishments for the one who misses the agreed upon deadline.  Go, check them out – and follow along.  I know I’ve enjoyed what they have come up with recently – and not just because I know the consequence side of their agreement.

And, in case you didn’t know this, X has been tweeting a lot more lately as it fits into his schedule easier than writing a blog post. Go follow him if you’d like to hear snippets of his adventures.

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  1. Now that’s an interesting way to motivate people to work!

    I love the artwork. You must be so proud of your X. I liked the barbedwire drawing particularly. Really awesome. I can’t wait to see more.

    ~~ Emmy, This just reiterates my very first impression of you and the reason that I’ve come to adore you so whole-heartedly. You’re always so generous and encouraging to those of us around you. You write so well and so honestly about your life and the things that affect you. I never know what to expect when I arrive here. A rough day? Great news? A little blue? Horny and happy? I never know what new surprise you hold in store!

    But one thing is always consistant. Your positive attitude. You so totally ROCK!

    Kisses and hugs.

    PS. My vertigo is receding after a bad inner-ear infection. I’ve missed you. But I have been reading your daily musings on my phone. They make my day! And they remind of my own commitment to write, although not on the computer due to my tendancy to fall sideways off my chair! LOL!
    Vertigo has been a weird experience.

    But you do remind me every day to pull out the purple notebook and write something. Unfortunately my musings haven’t been half as fascinating as yours. Hopefully –with your inspiration– that will improve.


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