Day 344 – Ice, Ice, Baby

We haven’t really seen any temps above freezing this week. For those at the bottom of the hils, it means lots of ice.  And Portland is in a Winter Storm Warning – expecting snow, sleet, and freezing rain until about 6pm Saturday night.  I reminded Garbanzo that last year, it was this weekend when Portland got so much snow that they closed his school for the entire week before Christmas thus giving them an extra week for Christmas break.  Hopefully we won’t have a repeat this year.

Oh, and totally unrelated to the ice, I made bread. It turned out so well that I had to take a picture of it.

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  1. Serious? Vanilla Ice? Slice like a ninja vanilla ice? Oh man. You deserve to freeze ;-p

  2. Sa says:

    Goodness, that bread looks amazing!!!!Would it be rude or annoying to ask you what recipe you use? I am now rushing to get some bread for myself.

  3. Just me... says:

    With Roaring on the Vanilla Ice reference.. :):)
    And however lovely it looks in pictures, that’s the only place I ever want to see ice!!! Because it sucks in real life!!
    Hope it warms up a little and soon.. :):)

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