Day 343 – Fuck.

The girls have been wanting us to put up lights outside.  Great, I thought – I’ll put up the extra lights – no problem.  I carefully tested all of the light strands before I put them up.  Then, I turned them on.  Can you tell some have decided not to work now?  Fuck.  Just what I want to do – stand outside again in the blowing wind making it a whole 14 degrees outside.  My fingers just started warming up after the time spent outside fucking with this earlier.  But, the holidays are about the kids, right? 

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  1. While it’s not quite as cold here, the two bulbs that were out on mine were at oppsite ends of the second story roof. I’m not afraid of heights exactly…but I don’t like em neither.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hubman says:

    I’ve grown weary of fucking with Christmas lights. When I was going through them before hanging them last week, I found 3 sets of icicle lights with entire segments dark. Fuck it, I tossed ’em and bought new lights. The $30 I spent was worth it to preserve my sanity.

    As long as the kids are happy!

  3. OMG babe!
    Feeling you on this. I’ve been working and putting it off but I can’t hold out much longer.

    I must get christmasy soon.
    Your lights can inspire me 😉

  4. Just me... says:

    Putting up Christmas lights can make you crazy!!! Good luck!! :):):)

  5. Yep, I feel your pain. Happened to me when we were putting up the tree. Never fails.

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