Day 337 – Cloud Factory

DJ was about 5, I think, when we were going over the Fremont Bridge on our way home, when she pointed out her window and declared that the cloud factory was working.  Under that end of the Fremont Bridge is Widmer Brothers Brewing, and they were brewing that day thus the huge amounts of steam rising into the sky.  From that point on, it has always been the cloud factory.

On the opposite end of the bridge is another brewery that was doing some brewing today – Bridgeport Brewing. Seeing it made me think of DJ thus inspiring the picture. 

As I’m taking this picture, this woman commented how much water was running off the roof.  I was so focused on the cloud (and getting the picture before more big trucks drove by) that I hadn’t noticed it.

If you follow me on Twitter, I posted a picture of the beer I was drinking on Wednesday night.  This is the company that brews it.

What do you think?

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