Day 321 – Thank You

Dear Kennel,
I appreciate the “free baths” you gave our dogs while they were in your care. They had played hard outside with the other dogs, and you felt that it was only fair you gave them baths before we picked them up.  They had arrived clean, so you were trying to return them to us the same way.

However, I might point out that you don’t know dogs very well if you thought you can give a yellow lab who is in the middle of the semi-annual explosive shedding a bath without creating a much larger problem for us.  You see, if you bathe a yellow lab at this time of the year, you must BRUSH HIM AFTERWARD!!   If you don’t, this is a very small sampling of what happens:

The entire carpet looks like that and I’ve been picking up hunks of this dog’s fur all over the place.  Hell, when my friends were petting him yesterday, they were getting handfuls of it.  So, while I appreciate your thoughts of keeping my house clean – it backfired. Next time, send me my dirty dog home. I think it would be better.



How many astute readers do I have?  I realized something pretty funny tonight as I was doing today’s picture of the day.  Anyone notice what it is?  A prize to the first person to get it right.  Anyone??

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  1. Secretia says:

    We left our dog at a kennel over Thanksgiving and had him shaved and bathed too. He is a different color now, I said to them “Is that my dog?” Much less hair in the house now!


  2. I am surprised they did not brush the dogs. As a kennel they must know that retrievers are shedding machines.

  3. Hubman says:

    I’d like to think that I’m an astute reader, but I do see it.

    Is it gray hair from a yellow lab?

    Or that your carpet is ugly? 😉

  4. Jennybean says:

    I would like to be astute too, but I don’t get it either…

  5. Vixen says:

    I can’t believe they didn’t brush him out afterwards. Duh.

    I don’t claim to be astute…

  6. Yellow lab…..Gray fur….

    *scratches head*


  7. Just me... says:

    This is an example why I have limit my dog selection to poodles and poodle-mixes.. No shedding..
    The trade-off is that you have to get them haircuts.. Oh well.. 🙂
    As for the pic, I make no claims as to my observation skills..
    And the carpet isn’t ugly.. :)~

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