Adjusting the Rules

He had suggested it.

After about an hour of asking “are you sure”, I finally reached out to TL and made plans.

TL’s response, “And Garbanzo is okay with it?”

A question he would ask repeatedly even as we drove back to his house.
A question he almost called and asked Garbanzo directly.

My questions shifted from “are you sure”, to a discussion around the boundaries.
“Do you want to hear about it after?” – Not sure yet.
“Do you want to see the pictures if there are any?” – I’ll ask if I do.

Later that night, when TL had sent me the pictures from our afternoon, I snuck off to look at them since we were still at my parents’ house.  And found Garbanzo to be close on my heels.  Even before I opened them, I asked one more time “are you sure”.  As TL commented during our planning, there is no going back after we do this.  Garbanzo told me to just open them.

As I looked through the pictures, trying hard not to comment about what led up to that moment or took place after, I was acutely aware of Garbanzo. What was going on in his brain? Was he regretting his decisions – all of them? 

“Those are hot!”

Good, no regrets.

What I did not expect was what happened later while we were laying in bed.

In an attempt to keep things quiet given we were still guests at my parents’ house, I climbed astride him while we were kissing and groping each other.  His hands ran across my nipples. “Are they sore?” He asked as he squeezed them gently. He knew that TL tended to be a bit rougher with them – which I love – thus his question. I told him they were, but it didn’t stop him from playing with them. He knew that it also meant they were sensitive to touch – and if touched right, not in a bad way. He was touching them right. He loved their sensitivity.

As our arousal grew, I reached between us and guided his cock into me so that I could start rocking against it giving us both the pleasure we desired.

“Tell me about the pictures” were the words that left his mouth – the words that totally took me by surprised\ – followed quickly by the words “I want to know what you did together.”

So there, in the guest room, with his hands dividing their time between my breasts and clit – and with me controlling the pace, I told him everything that happened.  I answered his questions as he had them.  I left nothing out.

And when I was finished, he flipped me over and drove his cock hard into me. I had had my pleasure for the day, so he took his. 

As we laid their in each others arms, I laughed at the change of events and commented I would now stop asking if he had any regrets about the day.  “I’m glad you had fun. I liked hearing all about it – it was hot” was his response.

Since that night, we have talked a lot about this step we took – me playing without him.  The fact he suggested it was such a surprise given our previous discussions, that while part of me didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, the other part wanted to understand if this was a change due to the person involved (TL), a larger change to our rules, or what. It was a change limited to TL.  Garbanzo can see the sexual connection we seemed to have with the way we play, so he wanted me to explore it with him.

Another reason for this change was due to burn out. While we had been having some great swinging experiences as a couple, one incident left Garbanzo unhappy.  He felt like the extra in the room, or as he put it so nicely, the guy the girl asks to the prom to make the guy she really wants to be with jealous.  Great feeling huh?  This resulted in him wanting to take a step back.  I was totally ready to join him because we are a couple in this, but he knew the connection TL and I had made sexually and wanted me to continue to explore.  And, he knew, I would never ask for it myself out of respect for him.  So, he gave me this exception without my asking.

Will TL and I play again alone?  I sure hope so.
Will this rule extend to others? I’m not sure. That really is up to Garbanzo.
All I know is that Garbanzo does want to recreate the night he and TL dp’d me. He really enjoyed being part of that, so it is his standing request. One I think both TL and I would be happy to fulfill. 

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  1. frances says:

    wow! such strong emotion in this.

  2. Sa says:

    I love how you describe all the steps towards the new rules, and how this is a work in progress.

  3. I am glad that you and Garbanzo are making things work. It can be a tricky road to hoe, but you two seem to be handling it with grace and class.

  4. 13messages says:

    Having been in his position, I can agree how great it is to fully realize that there are no regrets. I’m glad that this is so much fun for everyone involved.

  5. My situation is different, but it was really kinda hard to wrap my brain around my hub *wanting* to hear about it.

    Once when I came home from an afternoon fuck date with a cum stain on my t-shirt, mussed hair and such, he took one look at me and grinned and attacked me, lol. He reads my blog, too.

    And yet…it’s still weird to me.

  6. Wow… I am so happy for you and your new rules 🙂

    I am going to have to give you a call this week…I have lote to talk with you about.

  7. You two certainly have a strong connection and it’s great that you have found a situation that suits you both.

  8. Daniel says:

    Frances & I actually just talked about this today as I was reading it… I think this would be the hardest part for us… Playing with a third or another couple is one thing, one of us endorsing a one-on-one ‘date’ is another.

    It’s certainly not out of the question. But it would take some doing, and would be a big step. It says a lot for you & Garbanzo that you’re comfortable taking it…


  9. Vixen says:

    Loved this. Everyone’s relationship is different while exploring swinging/an open marriage and the best way to set rules is for how they work for you guys and what feels comfortable.

    I’m glad you had fun and that Garbonzo liked the fact you enjoyed yourself. 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

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  11. I commented on Hubman’s blog once about how I noticed that many couples that start out swinging just as a couple, often end up expanding the boundaries to include play without the other person. This seems to be happening with you guys, too.

    I wonder if once you are used to sharing your partner and you trust each other, it becomes easier to allow them to do it without you, as you trust that they’ll come back to you, and you know what’s going on because you’ve been there for it before.

    I’m glad you guys are so good at communicating about all of this.

  12. rage says:

    I have some catching up to do w-your blog, but according to what I have read in this post, it sounds like you are keeping the lines of communication open with one another and that’s really important.

    Good for you in taking that next step.

  13. Ms Scarlett says:

    Great, great post!! You are one lucky girl!!

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