I slipped into the room where they had already started playing.  My role in the play was going to be different than in the past due to some biological timing issues.  But, that was fine. I was more in the mood to watch them together rather than play.  I never seem to get to watch.

When I entered, she was tied to the bed. He had spent the last 30 minutes teasing her. Tasting her. Stroking her. And, doing everything but fucking her and giving her the release she needed.

He had stepped out of the room, so it was just me and her.  Her looking beautiful with her mussed up hair, soft skin that seemed to glow in the soft light, and those gorgeous curves of hers. 

I sat down next to her and ran my hands from her thigh up to her breast. I stroked her nipple a bit – first one, then the other.  I ran my hand through her hair pushing it off her face as I stroked her cheek. I leaned into her a bit more and whispered, “enjoying yourself?”

Her response was part moan, part answer.  I kissed her lips, and she kissed me back hungrily.

He came back into the room just then and asked, “What did you bring in your bag?”  I had not noticed she had arrived with a small backpack, but he did and had some idea of what was in there. 

This question seemed to grab her attention as he set it on the bed next to her and started going through it. Some of the contents were the usual things you may bring for play. He found a pair of what are exfoliating gloves in a pocket. She laughed as he put on on, but her laughter turned to moans as he stroked her skin gently – letting her get used to the sharp contrast against her skin.  After a few moments, he started going through the bag again until he found her toy – the one she has never used.

“This is kind of big for a starter plug, but I bet you can take it” was his response.

He grabbed a bottle of lube, a towel, and the plug as he walked around the end of the bed starting to untie her.  He wanted her on her stomach for what he had planned.  As she was rolling over, he put our wedge under her so her ass would be tilted at the right angle.   He left her partially tied up as he opened the bottle of lube and prepared her ass for the plug.

I watched.  I watched as he gently put in one finger then another, getting her ready.  I watched as he whispered words into her ear.  I watched her react to those words and those fingers. I watched as he lubed up her toy and slowly started to work it inside her. 

Their play was intense.  It was so erotic watching how they interacted; how he read her body language, her moans, and determined how much further to push her or back off. 

I had never been much of a voyeur really, but I found the whole scene as it unfolded incredibly arousing. While part of me wanted to join it, the part that won was the voyeur.  I sat back and watched – and took a few pictures of the scene. 

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  1. Watching can be just as sexy as participating.

    I do hope you feel better soon so you can take part of the action.

  2. Secretia says:

    It is so much fun to watch, and be an “active” audience!


  3. Cheeks says:

    Oh my…. very hawt.

  4. Topaz says:

    I wonder if I could be as content watching… I like how you tell it 🙂

  5. rage says:

    It was like I was there watching with you.

    That sucks about the bio issues although I don’t think that would stop some people.


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