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Over the weekend, I noticed that TBS was playing the Wizard of Oz. After missing it the first night, I set the TIVO to record it the next night.  I wanted to make sure the kids got to see it.

I remember as a kid getting excited whenever it would  be shown on TV which was about once a year.  There was something so special about all of us sitting there watching this movie we couldn’t see but once a year. We would pop popcorn, drink soda, and just be together as a family to watch it.

I bought it on DVD when it first was released and watched it over and over again. It is funny that no matter how many times I have seen that movie, the shine has not worn off of it for me.

I guess for me, wanting my kids to watch is also is showing them a world where dreams can come true. Yes, die hard Disney fans could say that Disney movies do the same thing, but I would disagree. 

Who saves Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? Dorothy does.  Think about that one.  While she may cry and be frustrated at how unfair the world is – in the end, she is the one who inspires the others to seek out what they want.  She is the one who ultimately holds the power that will return her home. Even though she hung her hat on the fact the Wizard was going to be the one to save the day, in the end, she was the one who saved herself.

And the people who hold the true power in Oz (good and bad)? The witches.  The Wizard is a farce. He has no magic. He has only smoke and mirrors.  But the witches, the witches can travel by broomstick or bubbles. They can cast spells that put people to sleep or save the day.  They inspire fear and safety among the people of Oz.  And while the Wizard is the one the people put their faith in, he is not the one they call when there are issues. And he seems to disappear when there is trouble – giving the task of resolving the Wicked Witch issue to a girl from Kansas.

Later in life, when The Life and Time of the Wicked Witch of the West came out, I read the book with the same enthusiasm as I had when I watched the movies. I loved the story about this woman – this evil woman in the movie that had a background deeper than ever shown.  I loved it so much, that I have not been able to even contemplate watching the musical Wicked. I have heard they have done the book justice, but I guess I don’t want the magic of the book to fade.

So, on Saturday night, we sat around the TV and watched the Wizard of Oz.  Watching Indigo’s reactions as she watched the movie again after not having seen it for a few years was fun.  Singing along, but noticing things in the movie that maybe I hadn’t in a while.  It was a great way to spend a cold, rainy Saturday night.

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  1. Great post. Its a great reminder of a good movie to show PP later on.

  2. Sa says:

    I read all the Oz books (about 15 of them) as a child, and I credit my love of SF to them. I also read a fascinating biography of L.F Baum, the author, and all the political allusions in the Wizard. The 1939 film is also supposed to refer to politics with the wizard being Roosevelt all smoke and mirrors.

    Anyhow, I love it all. “If only I had a brain”.

  3. We watched it too. It is a pretty spectacular movie. One day I SWEAR I’m going to find two friends and dress Jonas the Lollipop Guild for Halloween. Or maybe just during sex one time. Anywhos. I am philosophically opposed to the Wicked Books. Right your own damn story don’t come in and twist someone else’s world around. But I did see the musical last year. Not bad as those things go. Not really my cup of tea but Mrs. Lion liked it.

  4. it is our family’s favorite too. we too were watching it Saturday night. I watched with my inlaws who are in their 60’s and had never actually watched it. that made it soooo much more fun.

  5. Osbasso says:

    Not quite as philosophical as yours, but here’s my take: http://osbasso.blogspot.com/2007/11/filmed-in-technicolor.html

  6. Vixen says:

    SO TRUE. I loved this movie as a kid and we watch it every year together.

  7. Just me... says:

    I can’t tell you the first time I saw that film.. I know I always watched it with my mom.. Everytime it was on Tv.. Watched everytime it was on even after I grew up.. And when I knew a little girl was coming into my life, I bought that movie for us.. Now, DD loves it as much as I do.. Sadly, being able to watch it on demand seems to have worn the shine off.. Downside of owning the vid, I guess..
    But, we still watch it when it’s on Tv (twice this weekend!!).. It’s a great memory to have.. For both of us.. 🙂

  8. ZenMom says:

    Love this post. I agree on all points! 😀

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