Days 312-314: Catch-Up Edition

Before we get to the pictures, I must first comment on the comments I got on the blog post today. I was sharing what I thought was a funny moment in my weekend.  But, instead, kind of felt I had inadvertently threw TL under the bus with my readers.  Wow people! I mean, it’s swinging. I’m not marrying the guy – I’m fucking him.  If his phone goes off repeatedly and he decides to try to quietly take care of the issue since his friend wasn’t taking the hint, he can do it.  He tried to do it in a way that was not rude – I just caught him and had to flip him shit for it.  Why? Because it’s what I do.  It’s not like he was bored and decided to check his email.  He was sick of it going on over and over again. Why didn’t he shut it off? He’s got kids. We have all been in that situation.  And, if it goes off, how do you tell who it is?  You check it.  It’s just the way it works.

I did tell him though after ASM’s comment that photos and twitter updates are acceptable….so you never know next time. 😉

On the same note, cell phones were the bane of our existence during our time together.  When looking to see what time it was on Sasha’s phone (because the clock in the room was flashing), I inadvertently auto-dialed Sasha’s boss.  Guess he got a wonderful voice mail at 12:30am Sunday morning.  Sounds like she was able to convince him it wasn’t four people having sex in a room but the movie we were watching.  Yeah, I owe her for that one.

Anyway, onto the pictures.

From Saturday:

This is the view from my parents’ backyard.

From Sunday:

The view on the downward side of the pass on Sunday.

From today:

This post made possible by my new laptop. Merry Christmas to me. 
Yeah, I won’t be setting anything liquid next to it unless it’s in a sippy cup.

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  1. Sweet deck :-p

    and I wasn’t judging. Shoot you seem smart enough to not fick a total douche. But even you’re not. No skim of my nose.

  2. garbonzo says:

    I suggested that Sasha tell her boss that it was a new movie called Aliens vs Porno. Lt. Fuckly has been called in to deal with an alien threat. But the only way to truly defeat the alien is to fuck it until it explodes.

  3. Good save to Sasha 🙂

    Love the new laptop!

  4. Vixen says:

    Aliens vs. Porno…. *snort*

    Yay for the new laptop!

  5. what kind of camera do you have? I am on a search

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