Day 320 – Chalk People

I tossed my kids outside today. We were cleaning – trying to get unpacked from the trip and cleaned up from the pre-trip preparations. Plus, it wasn’t raining out – it was fairly nice, so I thought the kids should be outside.  Their friend next door spent several hours with us as well.  His dad was called into work for a few hours and asked if he could play at our house. He’s a good kid, so I knew it would be no problem.  They let the chickens play in the front yard, they played games, they played on the swings in the backyard, they had adventures, and they found chalk to do drawings.  Then they collapsed after dinner.  All in all a great day, I think.

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  1. As long as they weren’t jumping up and down on the chalk peoples faces yelling ‘Bad Girl!’ or nothing. Sounds like a pretty perfect way to end the weekend.

  2. Vixen says:

    Aww sounds like a good day 🙂

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