Day 319 – Home

We woke to frost on everything.

The Sisters – a trio of mountains in Central Oregon.  (I did get that right, didn’t I, TL? Update: I clearly did not get the name right as TL corrected me. These are the 3 Sisters.). On our drive back, we saw 8 mountain peaks – it was that clear out. I don’t recall ever seeing that many on the drive home.

Look – the snow that wasn’t supposed to be in the mountains. It was MUCH worse last weekend. Still, it does show how stellar our weather forecasts are in this area.

It was very nice to be home. While I was not happy with how things went while we were there, not all of it was bad.  I’ll write about at least one of the high points this week. 

Tomorrow night, I am having dinner with an old friend of mine.  He and I have been friends since we were 10.  Ironically enough, his family moved to small town Iowa from Oregon.  His dad is a minister and was sent there to start a new church. In an odd twist of fate, his dad and mom are out here in Portland now.  They have been for the past 8 years or so.  Because he’s gay and his parents don’t believe in it because of their religious beliefs, he rarely makes the trip up here.  But, this is a big deal because he brought his boyfriend with him. He has never done that before.  It’ll be good to see him.

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  1. Sa says:

    Wow. How absolutely beautiful. thanks for sharing these landscapes, it makes me want to visit America so much.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. I LOVE the first one.

  3. Make sure he doesn’t keep filling your glass!! take pictures i want to see how handsome this guy is. Wink wink!

  4. rage says:

    That is some beautiful scenery…thank you for sharing those pictures.

  5. You should be a weather person in Socal. ‘it’s gunny be a scorcher’ for three months. Then it’s gonna ne sunny and cooler for 8 months. And June gloom for 1 month. And every once in a while you get to lose your mind and interview people on ‘Stormwatch’. Cause it drizzles. Cushiest gig there is.

  6. Vixen says:

    Oh Emmy…. Those are *breathtaking*. Esp that first one.

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