Day 317 – Thanksgiving

A house full of people – 8 adults, 3 kids, and 3 dogs.

Garbanzo, my brothers and my dad seemed to take over the kitchen which is an ironic change given how we grew up.  Growing up, my mom and I were relegated to the kitchen while the boys and my dad watched football and went hunting. To have the women sitting in the living room while the guys worked was a funny change.

While I am thankful for my family, I wish others in the house were too. There was just way too much BS that seemed to be going on. Passive aggressiveness, snide remarks, I finally took my kids and went for a walk. I just had to get the hell out of the bad environment.  While out, Indigo asks if we can just got to a restaurant next year.  When your 7 year old feels it, you know it cannot be just you.

Things finally mellowed out after the food was done. Thanks to the turkey, everyone napped and relaxed as we watched football.  After naps, we had pie – napped some more.  Then everyone took off.

Now we are relaxing while watching movies. The house is quiet, and we are nibbling on leftovers as we get hungry.  This is how it should have been today.

Ah, well – can’t pick you family – you just spend your life trying to figure out how to deal with them. 

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  1. dark snow says:

    at least ur kid’s thinking is the same with your thought, which is a good thing..

    happy thanksgiving!!

  2. garbonzo says:

    Denny’s next year!!!!

  3. rage says:

    The guys slaved in the kitchen while the girls relaxed? No way that’s crazy talk.

    Nice plates.

  4. Vixen says:

    My BIL does all the cooking and he’s really good at it and very happy doing it. Leaves the drinking and gossiping to my sister and I…. ahh….now THAT’S Thanksgiving! 😉

    That does suck when your KIDS point out the ‘drama’. Have fun at Denny’s next year. *grins*

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