Day 313 – UGH!!!

Instead of a picture, you get a story.

Once upon a time, Emmy was uploading all of her pictures from her camera onto her laptop – a process she does every day. This process was going slow since she had about 200 pictures to upload, so she decided to treat herself to a small glass of wine.  It had been a long weekend, and Emmy can have a small glass with her antibiotics.

Emmy down to check the status of the upload and set her glass next to her laptop.  Then she turned, tipping the glass.  Emmy was fast though. She caught it before the whole glass of wine poured onto the laptop. 

But, alas, a small amount did splash on the keyboard rendering the delete key, enter key, and up arrow useless.

Fuck is what she exclaimed as she quickly blotted the keyboard trying carefully not to push the wine into the keyboard itself.

Of course, she realized that she got several blog posts done before this all happened, but the one she did not get done was the picture of the day.  Despite her attempts to get the pictures uploaded, technology seemed to be against her.  So, instead, she asked her laughing husband to schedule her an appointment at the Apple store first thing in the morning so that she may get it fixed. 

Until then, Emmy is pretty sure she won’t have access to a laptop until she gets it back.  She hopes Apple exceeds her expectations like usual and gets it repaired quickly. Until then, she will have to be creative with her pictures. And keep Garbanzo happy so that she can maybe borrow his laptop to do pictures of the day. 

Until then, there will be another delay.

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  1. Ohhhhh the perils of liquor and porn. I know them well. Never actually spilled but trouble comes in many forms…

  2. Just me... says:

    Hope all is well!!
    Alcohol and computers don’t mix on various levels, huh? :):)

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