Day 307 – Fall Vegetables

I really need to contact our organics veggie delivery place because, well, we have hit the kale season.  To both of Garbanzo and I, kale is not food – it is decoration. We won’t eat it. It will get fed to the chickens, except they don’t like it either.

But, we do enjoy the apples, pears, persimmons, and tangerines.  We ate the beets and blue potatoes tonight for dinner. They were yummy. I’m so glad my kids love veggies and fruit.

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  1. Dana says:

    What? Kale is not a food? It’s a WONDERFUL green!

  2. Those veggies look wonderful. I do love kale though, steamed a little and then sauteed with olive oil & garlic.

  3. garbonzo says:

    Wonder if Pigaletto likes kale…

  4. Just me... says:

    I’m with ASM, love kale!
    The veggies look great…
    Oh, now I’m hungry!! 🙂

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