Day 298 – Sad, Cold & Busy

Today was just one of those days.  It started bright and early with two soccer games.  Before soccer though, Garbanzo had to jump start my car.  The battery has about had it, I guess.  A few weeks ago after having issues starting it, I was going to get a new battery – but decided I’d wait.  Bad idea.  Thankfully it started and all has been well.

The good news was the fact that both girls did well.  And, Garbanzo and I were able to enjoy the games before the storms rolled into the area, and the heavens began to rain down.  We stayed dry, but holy shit was it cold.  My hands were so fucking hold by the ends of the game.  Guess it’s time to dig out the gloves.

After the games, Indigo’s team had their team party to celebrate the last soccer game.  Garbanzo took her and DJ to the pizza place.  Think Chuck E Cheese except it’s more like an indoor playground with awesome sound proofing and no electronic games.  While they did that, I was here when Derek moved out.  I was very sad.  He is so much a part of our family and such a great friend – that I didn’t want to see him go.  But, he’s going to go be with his boyfriend in Seattle, so I wish them the best of luck.  And, Derek – if you are reading this, make it work.  None of this, “we’ll see how it goes” crap.  Tell your boyfriend that too! Okay?

After the sad moving out, I ran errands and had a minor low blood sugar episode.  Nothing like being in the middle of Target and starting to feel light headed and shaky.  I bought some food and was fine, but it had been awhile, so the feelings stayed with me most of the afternoon.  That’ll teach me to skip lunch.

When I got back, I started finishing the cleaning of the house. I’ve been on a major purge kick of our “stuff”, and completed another round.  I dusted, I vacuumed, I mopped – you name it, I did it. I have a bit more to do in terms of tackling the papers that have accumulated, but it is a nice feeling to get this far.

The family got home, and the negotiations as to what to do began.  It was raining cats and dogs by this time with some wind and occasional lighting – so outside was out.  I put them to work which guaranteed they would find something else to do.  That worked for a while.  And, when the kids weren’t interfering the dogs were.  Our yellow lab has started his semi-annual shedding, so I brushed him.  That meant the dogs disappeared for a while.  They have a love-hate relationship with being brushed.

After that, I built a fire, got a beer and decided my work for the day was done.  Garbanzo is making dinner.  And, I’m looking forward to relaxing for the rest of the evening.  It’s been a productive day, but not a restful one.  I guess Sunday will be my day of rest.

Oh, and I did get a call from my dad earlier.  The Cardiologist has scheduled an appointment with him.  The stress test results showed an “abnormality with his heart”.  Of course the nurse was not at liberty to disclose what the issue was, so he’ll find out Tuesday.  He did say that since the test his extra heart beat is back.  But, shock of all shocks, he stopped drinking caffeine again, and it went away.  I hope that’s the abnormality is the fact he needs to get off his ass and work on getting his heart healthy again.  I’m hoping it is nothing bad.  Keep your collective fingers crossed please.  I’m just thankful he’s out here and not in rural Iowa getting his heart care.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

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  1. Just me... says:

    Damn!! You had one terribly full (and stressful) day!! Hope tomorrow is that day of rest you deserve!! :):)

  2. Vixen says:

    Busy day! But ending it with a beer by the fire sounds heavenly! 😉

  3. I will send you some Heaven soon…. BTW what does this mean.. “My hands were so fucking hold by the ends of the game” What were you holding… was it larger than a bread box? I already miss you lots. My move was so easy!

  4. Cheeks says:

    *mothers you a little bit* Be sure to wear your mittens, keep a little snack in your purse and go get a new battery! Glad you got to relax at the end of the day. =)

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