Day 296 – STOP!

 I really shouldn’t be encouraging vandalism of stop signs by people who are trying to spread their message, but I keep coming across the most interesting ones.  I mean, “STOP war” has been done as has “STOP driving”, but clearly “STOP Grand Jury Oppression” is a cause weighing heavily on someone’s mind.
And, “STOP  Hipster-fikation” is definitely appropriate give the neighborhood I was driving.  It’s has gone from funky and eclectic to “the HIP place to be”.  A total 180 from where it was at 10 years ago, but it is sad when the funky thrift store gets replaced by the “shabby chic” home furnishings. Thankfully the shabby chic place left – but others are not so lucky.  Oh, well….could be worse, I guess.  Could be wine bars and yuppies or DINKS.
But, the sign of most importance “STOP Hot Sauce”.  Yeah, Hot Sauce is totally out of control. He’s out late at night, drinking too much beer, wreaking havoc with all of his friends (Salsa and and the Chili Peppers), and trying to fuck anything with two legs.  The neighborhood is no longer family friendly thanks to him.  I think we should all get behind the effort to STOP Hot Sauce! 

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  1. “Stop hot sauce” made me laugh.

    I like this one:

  2. Just me... says:

    Not a proponent of ‘defacing public property’ but, love the STOP signs!!
    Saw one once that had a exclamation point after ‘stop’ and below it, “Because I said so!”
    Gotta love Mommy-taggers!! :):)

  3. Vixen says:

    Emmy, you crack me up. Your hot sauce rant. *giggle*

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