Day 294 – More Fog

When the days are sunny and the nights are cool, you can almost be guaranteed each morning in Portland will start off foggy – especially if you are near the Columbia River.  The fog seems to roll in from the mouth of the Pacific Ocean and settle right into the city.  We’ve has some gorgeous, dry weather lately, but to have it, you must endure the heavy fog in the morning.

Today, I stopped and took more pictures of it.  The top two are what it looks like on the way to and from the school.  And standing outside next to the road, listening to the leaves fall as I snapped pictures was wonderful.  That’s what I love about where they got to school. It is far enough from the noise that the silence is deafening in comparison.  Yet, you’re 10 minutes from downtown. 

I then went to Sauvie Island again to take pictures of the water.  The moorings sticking up in the fog, the birds who will be migrating south have stopped there, so hearing them and wondering what some of them are was amazing. I only wished I had grabbed my other zoom lens so I could have gotten better pictures….not that I’m complaining, at all, about these.

This is the part about being laid off that I can handle – the ability to wander and take pictures as it presents itself rather than wish I had the time to take advantage of it.

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  1. Dana says:

    That middle photo is … WOW!

  2. Just me... says:

    Once again, lovely photos!!! :):):)
    If I had to pick a fav, the first one.. Something about a road winding off into a slight fog.. 🙂

  3. Cheeks says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I’m glad you had time to stop and take the pictures. =)

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