Day 291 – Blame Sasha!

The last time I missed my picture of the day, it was when we had been out late with a couple we were trying to hook up with.  At the time, I made some lame ass excuse as to what had happened.  I mean, we weren’t talking about the fact Garbanzo and I were seeking extra martial activities in the bedroom.  But the reality was – I missed it because we were out on a “getting to know you” date that went long but ended in a great kiss good night – and that’s about all it would have ended in (thankfully!)

Tonight, I’m laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of Sasha – the woman we play with in FMF 3somes.  A sexy woman who we have invited into our bed time and time again.  A sexy woman who introduced us to her friend who I mentioned recently.  He’s the reader who lurks in the same town my family lives in.  (I mentioned him the other day.)

Needless to say, in Sasha’s effort to keep us from picking on her too badly, we all ended up in bed together.  It was a damn shame that that had happened. I know I’ll be sleeping soundly tonight thanks to my new friend who we teasingly call “The Lurker”.

But my picture of the day wasn’t meant to be a commentary on my sex life.  It was meant to be a glimpse into my day.  A day that started off with me standing in the rain at Indigo’s soccer game.  Can I just say that my 6-soon-to-be 7 year old kicks ass at soccer?  I took a shitload of pictures, and in each one of them, she has a huge grin on her face.  I LOVE seeing my kid excited about something …makes standing in the rain worth while. But then again, so does this view:

Then my other picture was going to be DJ breaking a 1-inch thick board with her elbow.  She tested for her brown belt in taekwondo and fucking rocked it. I was SO proud of her.  First off, she sat there and demonstrated to all of the non-black belts what it was like to have black-belt-attitude. She showed confidence and grace. She was focused and ready to kick ass and take names.  And, that she did.  She tested with a brown belt who was far from as prepared as she was. She kicked his ass during the sparring demonstration. She kicked him hard enough that he fell into a wall. When she sparred a black belt, he wasn’t taking it that easy on her. She had him on the edge.  She was the only girl who tested today – and she kicked ass. She scored excellents on everything – forms, kicks, breaks, sparring, attitude – everything. We are so proud of her.  I told Garbanzo that we’d better start saving for that trip to Korea – the trip he promised her when she completed her black belt. She has one more test to go before she tests for a black belt. I see Korea in our near future.

So, for those who are astute – this was posted on Sunday, not Saturday like it should have been. I won’t claim it was day light savings time ending that made it not technically an issue.  Nope. I blame Sasha.  Sasha and that damn Lurker…..the one who is invited over anytime he’s in town seeing her. 

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  1. dark snow says:

    the first pic…absolutely brilliant…breath taking…

    n i can see the word bent on 2nd pic…nice moment…

    n great daughter u got there…

  2. Just me... says:

    Great pics!! Love the trees in the mist.. And the wood bending!?! Either you are one kickass photographer or lucky as hell!! 🙂
    And after reading why your post was late, I’m going with luckier than hell!!!! :):)~~~

  3. rage says:

    Yay for the board breaking!! Good for your little girl!

    Thank you for sharing your pictures!

  4. Secretia says:

    I wanna hike those ooods right now!

  5. Confessor X says:

    Damn that Sasha!! It seems she needs to be punished somehow… Maybe take away her donuts?? Nah, then you wouldn’t get any donuts!!

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