A First Time for Everything

I won’t lie. I was a bit nervous for two reason. This was a new things for Garbanzo and me.  I was going on a play date without him. Just me and TL. And that made me a bit nervous too – but a good kind of nervous.

The plan was to meet somewhere. Garbanzo and the kids were going to a movie – and I was going to go play.  How fucking weird was that!

As I waited for TL, I got a text message with instructions of where to meet him.  I slid inside his warm vehicle and said hello.  Before we were even out of the parking lot, my hand was wrapped around his cock.  We engaged in some small talk as I stroked his cock. The small talk included some upfront apologies about needing to keep his cell phone on while we were together. (He had a sick kid he was worried about.)

We quickly arrived at his “lair”, and I got a quick tour.  But, I could not ignore the preparations he had made as we walked through the room.  Music was on (to cover up my screams according to him). Lube and towels were laid in strategically placed locations both on and near the couch.  And his bags of toys and other implements were under the ottoman.  In the middle of everything was his camera. Clearly, TL’s plan was to start in the living room. 

I took a seat on the couch, and he announced he was going to get more comfortable.  He shed his clothes pretty quickly, then stretched out on the couch next to me.  We started making out – hands exploring each others’ bodies while we kissed hungrily. I pulled away long enough to take off my sweater and bra – and his hands were right on my nipples and breasts.  “God I love your nipples” is what he said breathlessly, “They are like perfect little strawberries”.  Then he squeezed them until I gasped.  “Are they still sore from last weekend?” I confirmed they were and asked him to be gentle.  “I’ll see how nice I’m feeling.” Translation: he would do what he wanted to do.

TL stood up and and pulled off my pants. As he stood in front of me, I took his cock into my mouth taking him as deep as I could. He put his hand into my hair and took control of the pace and depth of how far his cock went into my mouth. Further and deeper he pushed my head down on his cock. The thickness of his cock made it hard for me to take him as deep as either of us would like.  He paused for a second and reached around behind him to grab the camera.  With one hand, he took pictures while with the other, he positioned me on his cock as he wanted. Hand in my hair tilting my head this way and that.

He set down the camera, then lifted me up like I was a rag doll standing me on the couch so he could assault my mouth and neck with his own mouth while running his hands all over my body.  His hand was squeezing my ass one minute, then I felt his hand come down hard on my ass a second later. I gasped mid-kiss.  We had talked about spanking, so while I wasn’t entirely surprised at the swat, it did take me by surprise as it was done without preamble.  TL simply pulled me in tighter and rubbed my ass where he had swatted. Every time I felt his hand leave my ass, I wondered if I was going to get another. 

We broke our kiss, and TL declared he wanted me to ride him. He stretched out on the couch, condom donned, and I climbed on top of him. He slid into me easily. I was plenty of aroused from all of the foreplay. Once he was buried deep inside me, he put his hands on my hips and pushed me down harder so he would be inside deeper. The result was his cock would rub my g-spot better, so I could also grind my clit against him.  A moan escaped my lips as I started rocking against his cock and his hands found my nipples, squeezing and tugging them as I moved. TL started out respecting my wish for him to be gentle, but the more excited I became, the harder he began to squeeze and tug them.  I continued to ride his cock increasing the tempo, and he began meeting me stroke for stroke.  My moans got louder, rising above the music in the background, but above all of it was his encouragement for me to fuck him harder.  And as he commanded me, his hands seemed everywhere at once – my nipples, my clit, my hips, my ass, my hair.

I finally had to stop; my knee was not happy with the position.  I leaned forward and let my hair fall around him as I kissed him and suggested a different position.  He sat me up by wrapping his hand in my hair and pulling it and me back into a sitting position where his cock would be deepest inside me.

When he released my hair, I leaned forward laying on top of him as we both rested for our next round. He grabbed the camera to show me the pictures he had taken so far. What struck me most was how huge he looked in comparison to me. His hands in my hair while I was sucking his cock showed his power.  Using my hair and his size, he put me wherever he wanted me to be. The control was clearly his, not mine. I was a control freak who had given him all of the control and full command over me, my body, and my pleasure. 

And that was the way I wanted it. 

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  1. ctredford says:

    What a great post. Lets hope there is a second time for everything.

  2. 13messages says:

    What a wonderful tale. I love reading you.

  3. Secretia says:

    I see why you like it that way.
    You sure put it into words well, Thanks.


  4. A great post. Though I so wish you lived closer to me…..

  5. Just me... says:

    What a great play-date!!! Totally understand the allure of reliquishing control.. :):)

  6. Lilly says:

    love it. jealous, lol. LOVE LOVE that photo!!

  7. That was a very sexy post. And I love the photo.

    Hopefully you will get another playdate.

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