HNT – Bad School Girl

(This story is inspired by a conversation I had last week with someone over those pictures. Hope he enjoys his story!)

“Emmy, I will need you to stay after class. The rest of you may go.”

I sat there waiting for everyone to leave the room. Sure, I had disrupted the class, again, but if he were actually teaching something valuable – not Math – maybe I would feel less of the need to interject my brand of humor into the situation.

I sat there doodling on my notebook.  Why was I here anyway? None of this will help me in the real world, I’m 18 – no one can stop me from leaving.

“Emmy, come up to my desk.”

I gathered my books and made my way up to his desk.  Mr D was hot for a teacher – too bad he was teaching Math and not Sex Ed.  Then, maybe he’d have my attention.

“Emmy, you continually disrupt my class.  I have given you detention, send you the principal’s office, and given you no credit for the day. None of which will work. We, at St Mary’s Academy, pride ourselves on graduating girls who are polite, respectful, and represent our ideals.  Therefore,  I think It’s time I take a hands on a approach to solving this problem.  Put your books down on that desk.”

I looked at him confused.  What was he talking about?

“I said, put your books on that desk – NOW!”

I quickly put my books where he told me.  I had never heard him take that tone before. I turned back to him, and noticed he had a ruler in his hand.

“Put your hands on my desk – and bend over.”


“I said, put your hands on my desk and bend over. I will be punishing you.”

I did as he instructed.  I didn’t know what he had planned. I was afraid he would rap my knuckles with that ruler of his, what I didn’t expect was


“Ow!” I yelled as the ruler came down on my ass.

“Not ‘ow’.  You will say ‘thank you, may I have another sir?’ after each strike.  Understand.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes. Thank you, may I have another, sir?”

“Very good Emmy.  Now lift that back of your skirt so that I can make sure my aim is true.  You do know I am aware your skirt is shorter than is considered decent at this school, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mr D, I do.”

“I think I’ll add one more to your punishment so you remember to fix that problem. Now lift your skirt above your hips.”

I stood up and adjusted the back of the skirt as he instructed. I was a bit stunned he was doing this. But I didn’t think he was going to truly continue.  This was a battle of wills, I knew it.

Or I thought I did.


The second strike made me wince.
“Thank you, may I have another, sir?”


I was prepared for the third, not that it stung less.
“Thank you, may I have another, sir?”

“Thank you, may i have another, sir?” I almost didn’t recognize my voice as I moaned out that last part of that question.

I inhaled sharply.
“Thank you, may I have another, sir?”
Amid the pain, there was pleasure which surprised me. I could feel my panties getting wet. And was a bit worried about what he would think if discovered this was happening. 

“Thank you, may I have another, sir?” came out almost like a moan. My voice was not steady anymore.

Mr D walked over to one of the student desks and pulled around the chair and sat down.

“Come here. I do not think my point is being made.”

I walked over and stood in front of him.  He grabbed my hands and pulled me over his lap.  I felt him lifting the back of my skirt and started top panic.  I didn’t want him to find out how wet I had become, so I struggled a bit.  But, his hand was firmly on my back reinforcing that I was not going anywhere.

I felt his hand come down squarely on my ass.  And before I could even ask for another….
His hand came down on my ass again.
I was starting to squirm a bit. I could feel my ass was red and hot. It hurt but was turning me on at the same time.
Three came in quick succession.

I felt his hand run lightly over the sore parts of my ass. The touch was almost too much – almost as intense as the swat itself.  I felt his hand touch my panties.

“Are your panties wet?”

I didn’t know how to answer, so, for once, I said nothing.

“Answer me!”
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, sir.”

He pulled me up and turned me around so I was sitting on his lap.  It was then I realized how sore my ass was. 

And, how erect Mr D’s cock was.

“Your grades are horrible in my classroom.  I will allow you to earn extra credit.  Stand up.  Your first job is to erase all of my chalkboards.  If you do not do a good job, I will punish you more. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”
“Very good. Now go.”

I walked over to the board and started erasing all of the math problems and formulas.  We had been reviewing for some of the tests, so there were formulas for area (length x width) as well as perimeter of a rectangle (2 x length + 2 x width).  All of the basics that would show up in story problems.

My mind began to wander back to Mr D – and his cock.  He was as turned on as I was.  There was no mistake.

I finished erasing the last of his chalkboard, then turned to face him. 
He was still sitting in the chair. He had been watching me.

“Sir, I am done.”

He stood up and walked to the chalkboards to examine the job I had done.

“Come here.”

I walked to him.   He pointed to one corner of the board.  He grabbed the eraser from my hand, and erased the small portion of his writing that I had missed.

“Skirt up, hands on my desk.”

I followed his instructions. Just as my hands touched the desk, I felt his blows on my ass. He gave me four quick strikes  – two on each ass cheek.

“Turn around. You still owe me work for extra credit. I will have to see how else you can help me in my classroom.”

“Sir, may I help you with that?” and I pointed towards his cock.

Mr D raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?”

“Might I suck on your cock? You can’t leave here with it erect.”

He went back to the chair he had been sitting on, the same change he sat in as he spanked me.  I walked over to him, kneeled between his knees, and started unbuckling his belt and undo his pants.  Before reaching in to touch his cock, I quickly stroked it through his underwear.  I was afraid to look up at him.  I focused instead on my task.

That, and the fact his cock was the perfect size.  Perfect length, and thick – just like I like it.  I could feel my panties getting wetter as I brought it to my lips the first time. 

I started by licking the head – tasting his precut, then swirled my tongue around the head before taking it inside my mouth.

Once the head was inside, I opened my mouth and ran my tongue along the underside of his cock.  Then, took it deep into my mouth.  I couldn’t help but moan as I did it.  It felt perfect that deep in my mouth.

I began moving in a rhythm – up and down, my mouth on his cock. My hands at the base and cradling his balls. 

I glanced up briefly and saw him staring intently at me.  He was biting his bottom lip – like he was trying to hold back a moan.

I took that as a challenge.  I wanted him to moan like I had.

Up and down went my mouth on his cock.  Then, I would focus only on the head – breaking the rhythm knowing it would drive him crazy.  Sometimes I would stroke his cock with my hand while focused on the head of his cock.  Other times, I didn’t move at all. 

I started increasing the pace of my mouth on his cock – adding my hand for some extra pressure.  I could feel the head of his cock swell. I knew hew as close, so I started taking him deeper and deeper, while I went faster. 

“Don’t stop.  Keep going.”

I followed his instructions.  No more games – it was time to make him cum.  I wanted him to cum in my mouth so I could clean him up like a good girl. 

And, as I took him deep one more time, he erupted in my mouth, and I swallowed his cum as I continued to move up and down slowly – getting every drop.

I finally looked up at him as I removed his cock from my mouth.  I tried hard not to smile – trying to show some restraint for once. 

“I think you have earned your extra credit today.  But, I expect you to stay after school tomorrow.  One afternoon of extra lessons does not prove to me your behavior has improved.  You may go.”

“Thank you, sir.”

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  1. SEEEE I knew detention could be fun!

    oh and *drool at the pic

  2. Osbasso says:

    This sounds way too much like personal experience…

    Not mine–yours!

  3. rage says:

    My panties are wet from reading that…damn girl! That was hot!


  4. southerngirl says:

    You are gonna get it now… (sounds kinda fun though)!!


  5. 13messages says:

    You already had me with the sexy photo (which looks much like one on my post tonight). Then the text made my night. You two are awesome.

  6. I think you deserve extra credit too.

    Very sexy naughty girl!

  7. Lapis Ruber says:

    Great story and a telling pic. Happy HNT and, if you like it, Happy Halloween too 🙂

  8. Secretia says:

    I am amazed by the sexiness that story brought to me.

  9. Very hot picture and story.

  10. Very hot picture and story.

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    —Amy xxxx

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    The picture is so awesome too!

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    What fun!

  14. I should have been more disruptive during my classes in HS! Great story and pic.

  15. Oh yes that’s a very bad school girl! And a very sexy story. Love this HNT!


  16. frances says:

    that picture is SO hot. i love love LOVE playing naughty school girl. now i MUST go read the story!

  17. you got me wet.. wanna help me out 😉

    great story and the pic is HOT


  18. sexy post, sexy writing and sexy pic

    3 for 3, hhnt

  19. Just me... says:

    That writing, pic, everything.. This is a great post!!! :):)

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    love the story and picture

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    Naughty, naughty! Lovely, lovely!

  24. Vixen says:

    I SWEAR I left a comment. COme back and can’t find it. DAMNIT.

    I looooooooooooove this pic. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT.

    *fans self*

  25. wifegonebad says:

    Ohhhh myyyy – the photo was hot enough and then that story – mmm mmm thank you! ;->

  26. you have officially turned me on today. Great story

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