Day 290 – Heads

Everyone upon learning our first child would be a girl laughed maniacally and started buying Barbies by the bushel, I swear.  DJ had Barbies before she could even sit up on her own.

Why did they do this? Because they know I hate Barbies. These misrepresentations of women drive me nuts.  Everyone thought it would be funny to buy Barbies. Let’s taunt the feminist seemed to be the game.

What no one realized is that I learned a lesson from another woman who hated Barbies and set out to keep them from her daughter. I learned that you don’t want a 4-year-old to start plotting on how to sneak a Barbie into the house.  This little girl had elaborate plans on how her friends could, under the guise of a puzzle or hidden in a shoe box under shoes, get her a Barbie for her birthday. It was pretty bad.  So, I learned it might be best to have a dialog with our child versus a straight out ban.

DJ had, I swear, 50 Barbies at one point.  (A friend gave her all of the Barbies she had collected over the years which is what set us to this horrible number.)  And, the dog – our sweet kind old yellow lab – loved to eat Barbies.  Because I’m somewhat twisted and used to laugh as each Barbie was eaten, I would collect the heads. I mean, DJ might end up with a headless Barbie. If she did, she could chose that Barbie’s next head.  Yeah, I’m not right.

As I was doing the basement purge, I came across the tin of Barbie heads. A few years ago, we tied string to them and hung them from our tree in our front yard for Halloween.  Tonight, DJ and I decorate the tree with Barbie heads. And DJ laughed maniacally as she did it.  I don’t think I’ve seen this much enthusiasm in recent years about decorating for Christmas.  She loved it. 

The only thing I have to watch out for? That she doesn’t go and steal her sister’s Barbies and play French Revolution with them.

That’s my girl!

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  1. rage says:

    Perhaps if there was a “geek Barbie” to represent us cool techies out there it would have been okay.

    Despite my parents better judgment (I was a tomboy) they still had some Barbies and Ken dolls for me to play with. I would always make them have sex with each other.

  2. Just me... says:

    Barbie heads in a tree!!! Love it!!
    Used to chase my brother off when he annoyed me by pulling the head off my Ken doll.. It freaked him out when he was two!!
    Also, glad to know I’m not the only one that had Barbie & Ken doing the nasty!! :):)

  3. Vixen says:

    That just totally cracks me up. *snort*

  4. This is both horrific and hilarious!

    —Amy xxxx

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