Day 280 – More Neighbor Drama

So the fucking owner of the quadplex caved and gave the evicted dumb ass more time to get his shit out of the yard.  He has been removing shit from the tent-like “shed” he had between our property line and the apartment. 

He brought in his assistant to help him get that stuff out and the shed down. I’m hearing all of this noise as he is taking down the shed. Then I hear the chickens freaking out.  Of course, all of this happens right after I had gotten out of the shower.

Let me just share with you an Emmy fact – if something is going to happen that will send me running out of a building, it will be as I’m in the shower.  This happened to me about 10 times when I was in college.  Nothing like hearing the fire alarm as you’re getting out of the shower & having to leave the building in a robe or towel.  Thankfully, once, my roommate grabbed her long raincoat for me to wrap myself in as I stood outside in sub-zero degree weather waiting for the fire department to give the all-clear.  So, I’m not surprised that the chickens freaking out occurred while I was coming out of the shower.

I run outside (in my bathrobe) and see this:

(I took this after I ran back inside and put some clothes on.)

The neighbor’s lackey had brought his dog with him, and the dog was trying to get the chickens.  So, the chickens tried to escape…and got tangled in the netting.  This pissed me off because the guy was just ignoring the situation he had created, so being the person I am when pissed off I asked, “Is that your fucking dog?”  He confirmed it was.  So, I told him to get him the fuck away from my chickens. He sent the dog away as I freed them.

The Lt here was not a happy chicken.  And, while I was outside which was for the remainder of his disassembling of the shed, he kept the dog away. 

I think I’m going to have to a conversation with the owner of that quadplex.  And, not because of the chicken incident, but his lack of backbone.

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  1. Vixen says:

    Poor chickens! But man can they jump/fly high. Mine would be in trouble if they jumped to places like that. I have enough issues with Ginny the Guinnea staying in (and she can fly). LOL

    Oh and isn’t that Murphey’s Law???? That shit will go down while you are in the shower?!

  2. I’m starting to think you’re just nit a very closeted exhibitionist.

  3. Just me... says:

    Rotten neighbors with spineless landlords sucks..
    Emmy running around half-naked in the backyard.. Mmm.. Not so sucky!!!
    Good luck!!! :):)

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