Day 266 – Moon Rise

Sunset over the Columbia River. Vancouver, Washington is the city across the river. (I cropped and sharpened this one a bit so that the silhouettes were sharper.)

The only thing I did to these pictures was crop them.  The originals had the Columbia River in the foreground, and the light reflects really detracted from the moon rise.

I learned one thing tonight – I need a good tripod. The ones we have will not support the DSLR. So, I took off my shoes to fashion a makeshift tripod on the sand. Then, I used the timer feature to ensure that I did not move the camera. The shutter was kept open for about 5 seconds, so any small movement would have ruined the pictures.

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  1. garbonzo says:

    Such a beautiful night. Thank you for letting me spend it with you.

  2. Cheeks says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. =)

    And you two… you’re SO stinkin’ cute!

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