Day 264 – More Aperture Play

One of the bushes has leaves turning this amazing reddish-pink. Love the background effect created.

The neighbors have these amazing sunflowers that keep getting wilted due to the downpours of rain these last couple of days. I like how soft they look.

Silly string on one of the plants in my flower bed. Kids were supposed to shoot each other with it, but I guess the lure of decorating the front of the house was stronger.

I’ve always called myself the accidental photographer because I learn more by doing than by reading. So, I will take 100+ photos, then try to remember after how I got one effect or another. I like knowing this basic photography skill. It helps having a digital SLR that allows me to much with shutter speed, aperture and the like.  But even more so, it helps knowing how to use the damn thing more than just a couple of the features.

Today was a hugely successful day. We are about 90% done with the basement. We realized how easy it has become to say, just put the paint can away rather than deciding it isn’t worth saving because there isn’t even enough to do touch up with – and getting rid of it.  Same goes for wood.  We’ve had a lot of wood pile up thanks to my father-in-law giving us his wood shop and extra wood when he moved out of the country.  We got rid of about 60% of it.  Not worth  keeping.

Derek helped ensure that the process, when he was involved, was totally dirty.  “Wanna hold my wood?”  or “Push it in harder!” We also had discussions about how easily the basement could be a dungeon. He saw the hooks…..for the BIKES….and asked if that was our intent.  We told him he could go first. Or how the hot wheels track could be used instead of a paddle.  The track of nine tails was what he called it.  This 14-year-old boy talk continued while we were watching football.  Let’s just say, if listened to the right way, football commentary can be dirty.

All in all, it was a nice and productive weekend. I’ll be doing a lot this week trying to continue to purge through the rest of the house, but this was HUGE progress! HUGE! And greatly needed.  Garbanzo isn’t too depressed.  He’s not happy, but I’ll fix that later. 

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  1. 13messages says:

    I’m in love with your aperture play photos.

  2. Instructions are overrated. Jump right in that’s what I say! You’ll retain the knowledge better anyway.

  3. Just me... says:

    Your photos are great!! Um, are they copyrighted?? :):)
    I agree with you, cleaning out the ‘crap’ we save ‘just in case’ can be wonderful!!! Gives you breathing room!! And perhaps a play room, huh? :):):)~~~

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