A Quick Finish

There are some mornings where getting dressed with Garbanzo in the room is an effort in futility.  Yesterday morning was one of them.

After yelling at the kids to find and get their soccer uniforms on, I went back into the bedroom to get dressed myself.  I had just pulled on a bra, thong, and a pair of jeans, when I walked to the dress on the other side of the bed, to find a t-shirt.  Garbanzo was pulling on one of his many pairs of sexy underwear he owns.  With all of the exercise he’s been doing, he was looking extra sexy, so I wrapped my arms around him to give him an appropriate good morning kiss (and grab his ass). 

I turned away from him so I could find a t-shirt.  I was looking for a favorite v-neck t-shirt, so I had to bend over to look through the bottom drawer.  Garbanzo had step behind him and started unbuttoning my pants.

“Hey, we’re gonna be late. Let me get dressed,” I protested as he proceeded to undress me.

“But I like you better this way….these just get in the way.” And he pulls my jeans down to my ankles.  Damn that man is fast!

I stood back up to pull myself together and fend him off.  We were going to be late especially if one of us didn’t get dressed to herd the kids to getting ready.

Garbanzo, still standing behind me, wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his lap as he sat on the edge of the bed. He started kissing my neck and unbuttoning my pants again.

“We’re going to to be late!!”

“I don’t care,” he said as he continued pulling off my pants again, “I’ll leave the thong on.”

God that man totally knows how to get me going.  I started wiggling against him. Two can play this game, but then I realize something.

“Why haven’t we fucked in this position? I think this would be a good position, don’t you?”

“I know how we can find out.”

He proceeded to strip off my thong and his underwear and slide right inside me. I decided I liked this position as I get full control over the pace and everything.  I’ve never been shy about controlling the pace of things.

“Yeah, I do like this position,” Garbanzo said between his moans, “But this way, we’re going to be late.”

He flipped me over so I was bent over the edge of the bed as he took control over what had become a quickie.  “I like this position too,” he said.

He was controlling the pace, and I was trying to keep quiet.  It’s a favorite of mine, and the kids were milling around outside of our door.  I was trying to make sure we didn’t draw any attention. 

“I like this view too! Where’s your phone?”

“Here.” I handed him my iPhone that I had tossed on the bed earlier. 

He started slowing way down as he began taking pictures. I heard the phone hit the bed next to me and the thrusts started picking up again. Thank God!

Just as we were getting back in the groove again, we hear the door handle. FUCK!

We both yell, “STAY OUT!!” as Indigo flings open the door, then quickly shuts it.

So much for us having a quickie – the mood had been ruined.

So, I put my pants on – a third and final time.

I’ve heard that Rejuvenation Hardware has skeleton keys for the original doors in Craftsman style houses.  Tomorrow, we will be going there – so we can lock our fucking door.

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  1. Mmmm this was so hot, and I totally feel your frustration – kids must be the biggest buzzkill!

    —Amy xxxx

  2. Oh, man, i feel your frustration. No, really, i do!

  3. I love Craftsman style…but replace those damn handles!

  4. Just me... says:

    If you can’t find a key, they make a little 3 foot long device that has a ‘U’ on one end and a rubber tip on the other.. It’ll keep the door closed to all but invading hordes with hatchets!!

  5. Confessor X says:

    Did someone say pictures??

  6. Emmy says:

    Amy – they can be sometimes. But, I love them. 🙂

    Ms Bitchtits to You – I’m sure you do!

    RLoTFC – We’re working on it.

    Paige – I’ll keep that in mind as an alternative! Thanks!! 🙂

    X – you have seen at least one of the pictures. 😉

  7. Cheeks says:

    Awwww, Quickus Interruptus. I’m glad he finally convinced you – sheesh, woman. Everyone knows a man can’t resist the appropriate good morning kiss/ass grab combo! 😉

  8. frances says:

    i’m frustrated just reading this. would LOVE to see the pictures. 😉

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