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The lovely and talented Veronica (aka Another Suburban Mom) did a great post last week about “real women” and body image and imperfections.  She tossed out a challenge to her readers to post a HNT where they showed their flaws.  I prefer to think of them as imperfections.   Flaws, while meaning imperfection in some ways, implies there inherent weakness that is created as a result of said flaw.  I don’t believe my imperfection makes me weak, just not perfect.

I was going to go into an explanation about my belly and my love-hate relationship with it.  But, I have kids – so you probably can guess that part.  And, I’m a woman who has lost (gained and re-lost weight) over the past 6 years, so I think you can fill in that part of it as well.  You are smart readers.  I will skip the essay – the essay I’m sure you have read before. 

Even when I was contemplating it, I kept remembering a poem I read years ago.  A poem that really articulates how I feel about it now and captured how my relationship with my belly is changing.  How I see it as part of how I am – as how it makes me sexy versus a detractor or a flaw in my sex appeal. I had to dig through my 8 million books to find it, but find it I did.

Katharyn Howd Machan

This is the dance I dance for you:
red silk, gold coins, brass bells
making music through electric air
as you watch each step, each turn
of hand, ripple of hip and chest.

Though my dark-rimmed eyes never
look to yours, I move for you
as oud invites and drumbeat calls,
take your gaze deep into my blood
and find a wilder rhythm there
then any summoned alone. You say

let me be your skin and so I give
curve of all my nights, hot stars,
dawn silvering a thousand lakes;
I dance this dance of body’s pledge
stronger than any spoken word.

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  1. garbonzo says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous. I cannot imagine a more wonderful body on a more amazing woman!

  2. I swear I will be in tears all night! Definitely better in a group – glad we did this together.

  3. southerngirl says:

    Wonder-power (girl powers unite!!!)
    Bravery and honesty reveal the “real” you baby.


  4. Vixen says:

    I *love* that poem.

    And am developing quite a crush on you. I admire the hell out of you. You yourself said it best…. Imperfections definitely do not make you weak. And ‘perfect’ will always be completely debatable and open to interpretation.


  5. That is a great poem! I like it, thanks for sharing it.

    This is a great post. I like the notion of calling them “imperfections” rather than flaws as well.

    Happy HNT.

  6. Dana says:

    I’m not even sure imperfections do the justice as that indicates there *is* perfection that eludes some of us.

    Thank you for sharing this very real piece of you that so many of us share!

  7. 13messages says:

    The poem is a delight and your skin is so nice to see. This might sound weird, but it’s a very relaxing photo to me.

    Be at peace with your belly and the stories it can tell. I hope your night is a good one.

  8. I love that you participated this week. Thank you! I think that at the end of the day a lot of us are going to feel a lot better about ourselves.

    I love the poem and the picture.


  9. Hubman says:

    Thanks for sharing this image of you. And don’t think I didn’t noticed your nipple 😉

    Happy HNT!

  10. Lapis Ruber says:

    That’s a wonderful photo of a real woman – always more attractive to me than the synthetic substitutes men are supposed to like. 🙂 Happy HNT

  11. I think imperfection is a better word than flawed. To me, flaw implies that it is something you can fix but choose not to.

    If every girl had a body like the girls in Playboy and if every boy had a body like a Chippendale dancer, the world would be a bland place. Celebrate the difference our imperfections are what make us interesting. Everyone’s imperfections make us appreciate the beauty of the fantasies that artists (and magazines) show. Sometimes people forget that they are fantasies designed to sell magazines and product.

    I am sensing a theme. I love the picture.


  12. Awesome picture of a REAL woman!

  13. That’s a good picture of your “imperfections” seriously! The story behind them is worth it I’d imagine! 🙂 HHNT

  14. Just me... says:

    We feel our ‘imperfections’ somehow lessen us..
    Quite the opposite..
    They usually tell the story of our lives..
    And your looks to be a great one!!!

  15. Osbasso says:

    Love the poem you chose! And thanks for sharing!

  16. You are beautiful. The poem reminds me of another by St. Catherine.

    What is it you want to change?
    Your hair, your face, your body?
    For God is
    in love with all those things
    and He might weep
    when they are

  17. What a beautiful, powerful image. I’m glad i took a peek! (Wait, is that too icky?)

  18. wifegonebad says:

    A beautiful picture of a vibrant, strong, woman that has lived life – nothing sexier!

  19. BTExpress says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these eyes think you look great, belly and all.

  20. a beautiful post all around


  21. Stomachs seem to be a recurring theme in this ‘flaw’ HNT. For what it’s worth, I think you look beautiful 🙂


  22. Kimberly says:

    This is a wonderful shot – you look beautiful.

    I think seeing so many women out here today with similar bodies and similar fears about them is very liberating for us all!

  23. Ms Undecided says:

    Great poem 🙂

    I’m all for calling them imperfections, as well. And I think yours are beautiful.

  24. NY Diva says:

    Thank you for sharing your hard-earned imperfection. I don’t know for myself, but I’d think the kids are totally worth it.

  25. Sexy Runners says:

    You are correct that our bodies tell a story of our lives. If you accept my life you accept my body. It is one and the same.

    Great poem.


  26. I just see a natural beautiful naked woman there, no flaws… Would love to see more actually :o)

  27. Sexy PTA Mom says:

    I agree that you look beautiful! I love the pose, because you look like you are embracing yourself, which is just perfect for this theme. I agree that there aren’t any “flaws” there. 🙂 My belly has looked exactly like yours at times, so I recognize it as familiar. You still have gorgeous curves, that lovely hip to waist ratio, and possibly the most beautiful nipple I’ve ever seen. But what is sexiest here is your self acceptance and the aura of self-love here. Really inspirational. Thank you!!

  28. Everyone’s body is different! We all have our Flaws, but as long as you a comfortable in your own body and skin who the hell should tell you that you have flaws! You look great no matter what! Maybe i will show you my ass someday!

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