Day 258 – The Church

Each time I get use the ramp onto I405 South, I see it.  This old catholic church that’s cross is about the height of the ramp itself.  The sole survivor of the freeway and bridge being built.  The other buildings were clearly added after the project.

And with each passing, I am reminded that I want to see what the church looks like from the street – not from above.  Today, I was driving on the same ramp and took the next exit to find the church.

It was a gorgeous day, and I felt lucky to be able to get a good view of St Patricks Roman Catholic Church.  It was built in 1889 and is the oldest Catholic Church in the Portland Metro Area. 

It is a gorgeous piece of architecture. My picture taking aroused suspicion though which I found quite entertaining. The guy walked out of the rectory and kept kind of following me around the block. I found that entertaining because I was on the sidewalk across the street which is within my rights.  Plus, it’s a historical site – someone taking pictures shouldn’t be unusual. 

And, in my series of Garbanzo’s desk, I have a end of week 2 shot:

Per Garbanzo, “It’s not fair! I’m grading papers! Of course, it looks like this!”

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  1. Just me... says:

    Weird that he watched you taking pictures.. Oh, well.. We Baptists would have invited you inside for a better look!! Then, we’d have tried to convert you!! 🙂
    Cut poor Garbonzo some slack.. And uncluttered desk is a sign that you aren’t working hard enough!!! :):):)~~~

  2. garbonzo says:

    I agree with Just Me. I am definitely working hard. Just look at my desk!

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