Day 257 – The Bet

We saw the mystery guest on Osbasso’s site last night.  And Garbanzo decided that the Mystery Guest was Hubman.

“No it’s not!” I said repeatedly.  But he was convinced.
“Fine, I bet you a blow job that it is Hubman,” Garbanzo decided.
“Fine.  And if I win, I get a sexual favor of my choice…and beer….and dinner.”
“I look forward to my blow job tomorrow” was his departing remark.

I emailed Hubman asking if it was him.  His response, “What do you think? Am I the type of guy to ask Osbasso NOT to reveal who I am later in the day?”

I happy to report that Garbanzo has paid up part of the bet so far:

I started with the Erdinger, in case you were wondering. 

As for my choice in the bedroom tonight….well, I’ll see what I’m in the mood for.  Maybe it’ll give me something to write about later. 🙂

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  1. Hubman says:

    Glad I could be of assistance 🙂

  2. Daniel says:

    Yeah, that beer picture makes me wanna come be your friend. 🙂

    My picks would probably be a little hoppier tho…

    Thanks for the HNT compliments!


  3. Vixen says:

    The funny thing about this is someone else said this to me and I pointed out the same thing…..

    Course I didn’t reap ANY of the benefits you did! 😉

  4. ZenMom says:

    Nice selection of brews!

    Have fun collecting the rest of your spoils. 🙂

  5. Beer snob ;-). As long as it ain’t in a can I’ll drink it.

    Same prolly goes for sex…

  6. I thought it was hubman too 🙂

    Love the beer choices.

  7. Just me... says:

    Congrats on the win!!
    Not a big beer drinker, probably because my initial experiences were with the ‘lesser’ beers.. Perhaps I need tutelage in this area.. :):):)

    Oh, did anyone ever figure out who it was??

  8. Osbasso says:

    Wait a minute…Garbanzo’s bet was a no-brainer. He KNOWS he’ll get the blow job whether he wins or loses!

    I love the fact that you prefer darker beer!

  9. garbonzo says:

    Damn! I was so sure!!!! Oh well, it was fun losing! Don’t mind being a loser when I am with you!

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